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Countering Agent Security Vulnerabilities using an Extended SENSE Schema
Found in: Intelligent Agent Technology, IEEE / WIC / ACM International Conference on
By John Page, Arkady Zaslavsky, Maria Indrawan
Issue Date:September 2004
pp. 183-189
This paper discusses issues involving an intelligent self-reliant mechanism for mobile agents to detect code-tampering attacks made by malicious entities. While describing the security schema, the paper details some scenarios that make the agent vulnerable...
The Engineer's Tale: The Founding of Software Publishing Corporation
Found in: IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
By John Page
Issue Date:April 2008
pp. 68-70
At the beginning of 1980, three people left Hewlett-Packard to form Software Publishing Corporation (SPC). The three were Fred Gibbons, president; Janelle Bedke, chief operating officer; and me—John Page—vice president of engineering. This is the story of ...
Countering Security Vulnerabilities in Agent Execution Using a Self Executing Security Examination
Found in: Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, International Joint Conference on
By John Page, Arkady Zaslavsky, Maria Indrawan
Issue Date:July 2004
pp. 1486-1487
The paper describes the evolution and implementation of a self-executing security examination (SENSE) for agents executing in non-trusted domains. It outlines the shortcomings of some of the existing agent security schemas. To meet these shortcomings, the ...