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Preparation and Radical Scavenging Activity of Nano-Fuller-Serine
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Jing Zhang,Yuan Li,Jing Li,Yadong Zhang,Junwei Duan
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 417-420
The fuller-serine was synthesized and then dissolved in the organic solvent and then the nanoparticle aqueous suspension of fuller-serine was prepared. The nanoparticle sizes and Zeta-potentials were obtained by TEM and a Zeta-patential instrument, respect...
Expression of Gastric Mucosa Trefoil Factor Family 2 and Epidermal Growth Factor during Healing of Experimental Gastric Ulcer in Rats
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Jing Zhang,Jing-fang Wu,Tao Fang,Yi-teng Ma
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 1475-1478
Using a model of rat gastric ulcer to check the changes of trefoil factor family 2 (TFF2) and epidermal growth factor(EGF) in gastric mucosa during healing of experimental gastric ulcer. Rats gastric ulceration were caused by injection acetic acid to submu...
A Hybrid Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Job Shop Scheduling
Found in: Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference on
By Wanliang Wang, Jing Zhang, Xinli Xu, Jing Jie, Haiyan Wang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 303-306
The job shop scheduling problem (JSSP) is a well known NP-hard problem, and many algorithms have been presented to solve it, but the results are still unsatisfactory. In this paper, a hybrid discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm based on a two lay...
Flexible Feature Processing Mechanism of Radar Target Signal
Found in: Image and Signal Processing, Congress on
By Jing Zhang, Wenxian Yu, Jicai Wei
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 97-101
Extracting effective and reliable features is fundamental and critical for constructing target recognition systems. Flexible Feature Processing Mechanism emphasizes the integration of feature extraction arithmetic and the self-adaptation of feature selecti...
Function Finding and Constants Creation Method in Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Overlapped Gene Expression
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Jing Peng, Chang-jie Tang, Dong-qing Yang, Shao-jie Qiao, Jing Zhang
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 18-22
Evolutionary algorithm based on overlapped gene expression (EAOGE) is a new technology of evolutionary algorithm which is inspired by the overlap gene expression in biological research. Different from existing works, EAOGE suggests a new expression structu...
Analysis of Microelements on Liver Jury in Mice Induced by Formaldehyde
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Jing-hong Yu,Jing Zhang,Huan Li,Wei-qi Sun
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 1213-1216
To study the effects of formaldehyde on the level of microelements in mouse liver and blood and explore the microelements as biomarker in jury induced by formaldehyde. Methods The mice were divided in control, low (1/40LD50) , moderate (1/20LD50) and high ...
The Predictive Control of Sintering Temperature in Rotary Kiln Based on Image Feedback and Soft Computing
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Xiaogang Zhang, Hua Chen, Jing Zhang
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 39-43
The sintering temperature in rotary kiln is measured through image processing algorithm as feedback of its predictive control. The predictive model based on radial basis function (RBF) network is designed by the image and other process data optimized by ge...
Modeling and Simulation of International Politics Evolution in Crisis
Found in: Computer Modeling and Simulation, International Conference on
By Yu Qin-zhang, Zhang Jing, Zhang Ying-chao
Issue Date:January 2010
pp. 324-328
Under the guidance of the theories of Complex Adaptive System and Artificial Societies, modeling and simulation of international politics evolution in crisis was studied. The Model of International Politics Evolution (IPEM) in crisis based on Agent was bui...
Creditability Modeling of Distributed Embedded System Based on Real-Time Interaction Specification
Found in: Computational Intelligence and Design, International Symposium on
By Jing Zhang, Hui Rong, Chunhong Zhang, Fenghong Xiang, Yunsheng Zhang
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 543-546
Creditability modeling on real-time interaction specification for embedded systems on the distributed platform is a continuing challenge to developers. This paper presents a creditability modeling strategy that reduces complexity by separating data-related...
An ID-based Broadcast Encryption Scheme for Collaborative Design
Found in: Networks Security, Wireless Communications and Trusted Computing, International Conference on
By Ya-ling Zhang, Jing Zhang, Yi-kun Zhang
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 699-702
Collaborative design is one of core processes for networked manufacturing, so how to safely transfer design information in the network has important significance. In order to provide the confidentiality of transmission information on the level of design te...
A novel p+ Poly-SiGe Gate CMOS device
Found in: International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems
By Jing Zhang, Kaizhou Tan, Siliu Xu, Zhengfan Zhang, Yukui Liu, Guangbing Chen, Kaicheng Li, Heming Zhang, Huiyong Hu
Issue Date:January 2009
pp. 480-484
In order to improve the matching performance of the nMOSFET and pMOSFET threshold voltages in CMOS circuit, a novel p+ Poly-SiGe gate CMOS device is described in this paper. With the change in work function and bandgap, the device effectively reduces the t...
Multi-signers Strong Designated Verifier Signature Scheme
Found in: Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing, ACIS International Conference on
By Yaling Zhang, Jing Zhang, Yikun Zhang
Issue Date:August 2008
pp. 324-328
Designated Verifier Signature (DVS) does not provide non-repudiation property of traditional digital signatures. Multi-Signers Strong Designated Verifier Signature (MS-SDVS) scheme is required in some cases for the privacy consideration. In this paper the ...
A Unified Probabilistic Framework for Name Disambiguation in Digital Library
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By Jie Tang,A.C.M. Fong,Bo Wang,Jing Zhang
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 975-987
Despite years of research, the name ambiguity problem remains largely unresolved. Outstanding issues include how to capture all information for name disambiguation in a unified approach, and how to determine the number of people K in the disambiguation pro...
Non-Adjacent Form Recursive Algorithm on Elliptic Curves Cryptograph
Found in: Computational Intelligence and Security, International Conference on
By Jing Zhang, Pingan Wang
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 394-397
Multiplication of a point is the main operation in elliptic curves cryptography system. It is well-known this operation be expensive in time-consuming. we try to improve the computing efficiency of multiple point which will increase the efficiency of ellip...
Applying PageRank Algorithm in Requirement Concern Impact Analysis
Found in: Computer Software and Applications Conference, Annual International
By Ying Jin, Jing Zhang, Pengfei Ma, Weiping Hao, Shutong Luo, Zepeng Li
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 361-366
As an important part of requirement management, managing requirement change plays a key role in controlling project schedule and costs at early stage. Effective requirement impact analysis would give proper assessment on the effect of certain requirement c...
Concern Based Approach to Generating SCR Requirement Specification: A Case Study
Found in: Computer Science and Information Engineering, World Congress on
By Ying Jin, Jing Zhang, Weiping Hao, Pengfei Ma
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 695-700
SCR is a mature and widely used document driven requirement method, which emphasizes creating strict and complete formal requirement documents during software requirement analysis to serve the whole life circle. However, due to the big gap between textual ...
Name Disambiguation Using Atomic Clusters
Found in: Web-Age Information Management, International Conference on
By Feng Wang, Juanzi Li, Jie Tang, Jing Zhang, Kehong Wang
Issue Date:July 2008
pp. 357-364
Name ambiguity is a critical problem in many applications, in particular in the online bibliography systems, such as DBLP and CiteSeer. Previously, several clustering based methods have been proposed although, the problem still presents to be a big challen...
Dynamic Equivalents of Power System Based on Extended Two Particle Swarm Optimization
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Jingping Yang, Jing Zhang, Wulue Pan
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 609-613
Measurement Units (PMUs) for power system dynamic equivalents is presented. In this methodology the external system is reduced dynamically using the important quantities obtained by PMUs. An extended two Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm with the...
Examining Glacier Mass Balances with a Hierarchical Modeling Approach
Found in: Computing in Science and Engineering
By Uma S. Bhatt, Jing Zhang, Craig S. Lingle, Lisa M. Phillips, Wendell V. Tangborn
Issue Date:March 2007
pp. 60-67
The results of simulating past and future mass balances suggest that the Bering Glacier will lose significant ice mass and that the Hubbard Glacier will grow more slowly in the near future than in the recent past.
Research on Quality-Based Data Creditability Evaluating Method in Complex Systems Simulation
Found in: 2012 ACM/IEEE/SCS 26th Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation (PADS)
By Ying-chao Zhang,Jing Zhang,Wei Li,Feng Ye
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 193-195
Data creditability plays a very important role in the complex system simulation creditability. From the point of how to evaluate and improve the complex system simulation data creditability, the concept of the data quality modeling is advanced and the thre...
An efficient Bayesian diagnosis for QoS management in service-oriented architecture
Found in: Service-Oriented Computing and Applications, IEEE International Conference on
By Jing Zhang,Xiaoqi Zhang,Kwei-Jay Lin
Issue Date:December 2011
pp. 1-8
When running a business process in SOA, systems need an efficient mechanism to detect performance issues and identify root causes. In this paper, we study the Bayesian network diagnosis model to identify faulty services in a business process by monitoring ...
The Conditional Connectivity of Möbius Cubes under the 1-Safe Condition
Found in: Information Technology, Computer Engineering and Management Sciences, International Conference of
By Zongyun Zhang,Jing Zhang,Shizhong Liu
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 389-392
Studying the properties of an interconnection network is an important part of the study of any parallel processing or distributed system. The hypercube network is widely used as architecture for parallel machines. As a hypercube variant, the Möbius cube ha...
GPU Based Implementation of 3DTV System
Found in: Image and Graphics, International Conference on
By Liang-Hao Wang,Jing Zhang,Shao-Jun Yao,Dong-Xiao Li,Ming Zhang
Issue Date:August 2011
pp. 847-851
This paper focuses on the near real-time implementation of end-to-end 3DTV System. It is specially designed for the generation of high-quality disparity map and depth-image-based rendering (DIBR) on the graphics processing unit (GPU) through CUDA (Compute ...
Technology Changes and Institutional Changes in Software Development
Found in: Software Engineering, World Congress on
By Jing Zhang, Yingkui Zhang, Ying Duan
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 159-162
The software industry has great osmosis to other traditional industry. Its effect on the optimization of traditional industry organic composition of capital and the promotion of production efficiency is obvious. As a rapid growing emerging industry, softwa...
A Unified Intelligent Model for Software Project Risk Analysis and Planning
Found in: International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering
By Yong Hu, Xiangzhou Zhang, Xin Sun, Jing Zhang, Jianfeng Du, Junkai Zhao
Issue Date:November 2010
pp. 110-113
Software project development still faces high failure rate. Nowadays, researches on software project risk majorly remain in risk theoretical model, risk identification and risk analysis, lacking empirical models which unify risk analysis and risk planning ...
Elimination Algorithm of Redundant Association Rules Based on Domain Knowledge
Found in: Web Information Systems and Applications Conference
By Jing Zhang, Bin Zhang, Zihua Wang, Lijun Shi
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 13-16
Many association rule mining algorithms have been developed to extract interesting patterns from large databases. However, a large amount of knowledge explicitly represented in domain knowledge has not been used to reduce the number of association rules. A...
HyperService: Linking and Exploring Services on the Web
Found in: Web Services, IEEE International Conference on
By Chenting Zhao, Chun'e Ma, Jing Zhang, Jun Zhang, Li Yi, Xinsheng Mao
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 17-24
Web is becoming a programmable platform, with countless services blooming everyday in various forms like Feeds, REST APIs and Widgets, etc. Although the existing technologies, such as Mashups, have reduced the challenges to build new applications by compos...
Towards a More Effective Mashup Using Mashable Service Model
Found in: Services, IEEE Congress on
By Chun'e Ma, Jing Zhang, Chenting Zhao, Yuan Ni, Jun Zhang, Li Yi, Xinsheng Mao
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 566-573
Web is becoming a programmable platform and Mashup is emerging as a brand-new service composition paradigm. However, one of the biggest blocking issues with the universal adoption of Mashup is lack of a well-designed inventory of mashable services for user...
Notice of Retraction Discussion of Testing Paper Design in Educational Software
Found in: 2009 International Conference on Education Technology and Training (ETT 2009)
By Zhang Jing, Zhang Jin, Chen Junlan
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 347-350
Notice of Retraction After careful and considered review of the content of this paper by a duly constituted expert committee, this paper has been found to be in violation of IEEE's Publication Principles. We hereby retract the content of this paper. Reas...
A University Student Behavioral Intention Model of Online Shopping
Found in: International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering
By Yong Hu, Xin Sun, Jing Zhang, Xiangzhou Zhang, Fanghao Luo, Lijun Huang
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 625-628
University students have been the most important online consumer group. Accordingly, this research intends to build up a university student behavioral intention model originally based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), to explore the contributing factor...
High Dependability Design Framework in Real-Time Embedded Control Software
Found in: Computational Intelligence and Design, International Symposium on
By Jing Zhang, Feng Yan, Chunhong Zhang, Hui Rong, Fenghong Xiang
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 547-551
This paper introduces an abstract high dependability framework for the implementation of embedded control software with hard real-time constraints. The framework specifies time-triggered sensor readings, atomic component invocations, actuator updates, and ...
Topic Distributions over Links on Web
Found in: Data Mining, IEEE International Conference on
By Jie Tang, Jing Zhang, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Zi Yang, Keke Cai, Rui Ma, Li Zhang, Zhong Su
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 1010-1015
It is well known that Web users create links with different intentions. However, a key question, which is not well studied, is how to categorize the links and how to quantify the strength of the influence of a web page on another if there is a link between...
A Web Service Adapter with Contract-Oriented Methodology
Found in: Computer and Information Science, ACIS International Conference on
By Junhuai Li, Yile Wang, Jing Zhang, Zhuobin Zhang
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 1144-1149
Loose coupling is a cornerstone for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Service contracts enable loose coupling, because they conceal internal details of services from the outside world behind the facade. However, current works on service oriented analysi...
Building Accountability Middleware to Support Dependable SOA
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Kwei-Jay Lin, Mark Panahi, Yue Zhang, Jing Zhang, Soo-Ho Chang
Issue Date:March 2009
pp. 16-25
The Intelligent Accountability Middleware Architecture (Llama) project supports dependable service-oriented architecture (SOA) monitoring, runtime diagnosis, and reconfiguration. At its core, Llama implements an accountability service bus that users can in...
Application of Collocation to Spam Filtering
Found in: Education Technology and Training & Geoscience and Remote Sensing
By Jing Zhang, Jianmin Yao, Shoubin Dong, Ling Zhang
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 715-718
Collocation is the frequent bi-grams of semantic meanings and grammatical functions. Adjacent and long distance collocations are extracted as features for a Bayesian classifier in spam filtering. Compared to the common unigram feature, collocation-based cl...
The Study of Coal Mine Safety State Warning and Assistant Decision-MMaking
Found in: Intelligent Information Technology Applications, 2007 Workshop on
By Zhanglin Guo, Chao Zhang, Jing Zhang
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 830-834
Based on the ideology of
A Novel Approach Using PCA and SVM for Face Detection
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Jing Zhang, Xue-dong Zhang, Seok-wun Ha
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 29-33
Nowadays, face detection and recognition have gained importance in security and information access. In this paper, an efficient method of face detection based on principal components analysis (PCA) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) is proposed. It firsly fi...
Network Intrusion Active Defense Model Based on Artificial Immune System
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Cheng Zhang, Jing Zhang, Sunjun Liu, Yintian Liu
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 97-100
Based on artificial immune theory, a new model of active defense for analyzing the network intrusion is presented. Dynamically evaluative equations for self, antigen, immune tolerance, mature-lymphocyte lifecycle and immune memory are presented. The concep...
An Automatic Voice Query System for Bank Based on Telephone Network
Found in: International Symposiums on Information Processing
By Dong-ming Li, Jing Zhang, Li Zhang, Ya-ju Liu, Bo Du
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 629-632
Automatic voice query system for bank by phone was a hi-tech product based on computer technology, electronic communication technology and speech synthesis technology. The hardware design of this system adopted modularization design scheme, which centered ...
Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Service-Oriented Robot Management System
Found in: Asia-Pacific Conference on Services Computing. 2006 IEEE
By Ping Zhang, Renqing Lu, Jing Zhang
Issue Date:December 2006
pp. 621-624
It is an obvious trend that computer network and robot technology will more and more closely combine with each other. And the robot, especially the service robot such as house robot, entertainment robot, etc, will provide different kinds of services to the...
A Fast Parameters Selection Method of Support Vector Machine Based on Coarse Grid Search and Pattern Search
Found in: 2013 Fourth Global Congress on Intelligent Systems (GCIS)
By Jun Lin,Jing Zhang,Jun Lin
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 77-81
Parameters selection of support vector machine (SVM) is a key problem in the application of SVM, which has influence on generalization performance of SVM. The commonly used method, grid search (GS), is time-consuming especially for very large dataset. By u...
Comparative Study on Dimensionality Reduction in Large-Scale Image Retrieval
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM)
By Bo Cheng,Li Zhuo,Jing Zhang
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 445-450
Dimensionality reduction plays a significant role for the performance of large-scale image retrieval. In this paper, various dimensionality reduction methods are compared to validate their own performance in image retrieval. For this purpose, first, the Sc...
Performance Diagnosis for SOA on Hybrid Cloud Using the Markov Network Model
Found in: 2013 IEEE 6th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA)
By Zhenqiu Huang,Kwei-Jay Lin,Jing Zhang,Weiran Nie,Lina Han
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 17-24
Many SOA applications are now migrating to cloud servers, due to cloud's low cost provision, elasticity for growth, and better availability. Although cloud service providers have implemented reliable management system for their infrastructure, hybrid cloud...
Analysis of Image Transmission for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Mine Tunnel
Found in: 2013 International Conference on Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery (CyberC)
By Jing Zhang, Erbao He, Xiaoqian Zheng
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 320-324
The research aimed to use Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) applying in the mine tunnel environmental monitoring. The wireless sensor node has a camera which can transmit live image signal in order to monitor the status in the mine tunnel when an exception oc...
Tetrahedron Model Reconstruction and Optimization
Found in: 2013 Seventh International Conference on Internet Computing for Engineering and Science (ICICSE 2013)
By Yanbo Li, Jing Zhang, Hailing Wang
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 42-47
Three dimensional geometric modeling plays an important role in virtual surgery simulation. One of difficulties is how to construct well-shaped tetrahedral models. Delaunay tetrahedral reconstruction is an effective method in virtual surgery simulations. H...
3D Virtual Bronchoscopy Navigation System
Found in: 2013 Seventh International Conference on Internet Computing for Engineering and Science (ICICSE 2013)
By Yanbo Li, Haihong Yun, Jing Zhang, Hailing Wang, Jun Ni
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 95-99
Virtual bronchoscopy (VB) plays an important role in the evaluation of chest diseases. Our goal is to develop a new Virtual Bronchoscopy Positioning and Navigation system (VBPN) to control the reality and virtual environment simultaneously, which can guide...
Segmentation of Pulmonary Nodules Using Fuzzy Clustering Based on Coefficient of Curvature
Found in: 2013 Seventh International Conference on Image and Graphics (ICIG)
By Kan Chen,Bin Li,Lian-Fang Tian,Jing Zhang
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 225-230
Pulmonary nodules are potential manifestation of lung cancer. Accurate segmentation of juxta-vascular nodules and ground glass opacity (GGO) nodules are an important and active area of research in medical image processing. At present, the classical segment...
Performance Comparison of ESVM and CSVM for Classifying the Lung Nodules on CT Scans
Found in: 2013 Seventh International Conference on Image and Graphics (ICIG)
By Jing Zhang,Mao-Yong Cao,Wen-dong Gai,Bin Li
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 409-413
The nodules and the multiple times larger non-nodules of the regions of interested(ROIs) in lung areas are achieved, that would lead to a serious imbalance on the sample data. Many scholars have proposed some algorithms to solve this problem. In this paper...
Optimizing Burrows-Wheeler Transform-Based Sequence Alignment on Multicore Architectures
Found in: 2013 13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid)
By Jing Zhang,Heshan Lin,Pavan Balaji,Wu-Chun Feng
Issue Date:May 2013
pp. 377-384
Computational biology sequence alignment tools using the Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) are widely used in next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis. However, despite extensive optimization efforts, the performance of these tools still cannot keep up with...
Revision provenance in text documents of asynchronous collaboration
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2013)
By Jing Zhang,H. V. Jagadish
Issue Date:April 2013
pp. 889-900
Many text documents today are collaboratively edited, often with multiple small changes. The problem we consider in this paper is how to find provenance for a specific part of interest in the document. A full revision history, represented as a version tree...
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