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Applying Chimera Virtual Data Concepts to Cluster Finding in the Sloan Sky Survey
Found in: SC Conference
By James Annis, Yong Zhao, Jens Voeckler, Michael Wilde, Steve Kent, Ian Foster
Issue Date:November 2002
pp. 56
In many scientific disciplines — especially long running, data- intensive collaborations — it is important to track all aspects of data capture, production, transformation, and analysis. In principle, one can then audit, validate, reproduce, and/or re-run ...
Grid middleware services for virtual data discovery, composition, and integration
Found in: Proceedings of the 2nd workshop on Middleware for grid computing
By Elizabeth Quigg, Ian Foster, James Dobson, Jens Voeckler, Michael Wilde, Thomas Jordan, Yong Zhao
Issue Date:October 2004
pp. 57-62
We describe the services, architecture and application of the GriPhyN Virtual Data System, a suite of components and services that allow users to describe virtual data products in declarative terms, discover definitions and assemble workflows based on thos...