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Clicksafe: Providing Security against Clickjacking Attacks
Found in: 2014 IEEE 15th International Symposium on High-Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE)
By Jawwad A. Shamsi,Sufian Hameed,Waleed Rahman,Farooq Zuberi,Kaiser Altaf,Ammar Amjad
Issue Date:January 2014
pp. 206-210
Click jacking is an act of hijacking user clicks in order to perform undesired actions which are beneficial for the attacker. We propose Click safe, a browser-based tool to provide increased security and reliability against click jacking attacks. Click saf...
QoSMap: Achieving Quality and Resilience through Overlay Construction
Found in: Internet and Web Applications and Services, International Conference on
By Jawwad Shamsi, Monica Brockmeyer
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 58-67
We describe QoSMap, an overlay construction mechanism which computes high quality overlay networks for applications having stringent constraints on hop-degrading QoS metrics and provides resilience against the Internet’s unpredictable network behavior. QoS...
Efficient and dependable overlay networks
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, International
By Jawwad Shamsi, Monica Brockmeyer
Issue Date:April 2008
pp. 1-8
We describe QoSMap, a novel approach for mapping overlay networks with stringent QoS requirements. QoSMap computes high quality overlay paths by utilizing direct underlay paths that fulfill the application’s topology and link-specific QoS requirements. It ...
SyncProbe: Providing Assurance of Message Latency through Predictive Monitoring of Internet Paths
Found in: High-Assurance Systems Engineering, IEEE International Symposium on
By Jawwad Shamsi, Monica Brockmeyer
Issue Date:November 2007
pp. 187-196
<p>SyncProbe improves the end-to-end predictability of distributed systems by providing applications with a real-time estimate of the maximum expected message delay (upper bound on communication latency) for network paths. The upper bound is adjusted...
Towards Partially Synchronous Overlays: Issues and Challenges
Found in: Advanced Architectures and Algorithms for Internet Delivery and Applications, International Workshop on
By Jawwad Shamsi, Chunbo Chu, Monica Brockmeyer
Issue Date:June 2005
pp. 10-17
The main advantage of synchronous systems over asynchronous systems is that timing and reliability guarantees can be established ensuring a strong programming model for many applications. These strong guarantees are not provided by the current model of the...