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Providing Anonymity in Wireless Sensor Networks
Found in: International Conference on Pervasive Services
By Yi Ouyang, Zhengyi Le, Yurong Xu, Nikos Triandopoulos, Sheng Zhang, James Ford, Fillia Makedon
Issue Date:July 2007
pp. 145-148
Sensor networks are often used to monitor sensitive information from the environment or track sensitive objects' movements. Anonymity has become an important problem in sensor networks, and has been widely researched in wireless ad hoc and wired networks. ...
A Feature Extraction Metod for Multimedia data Analysis in Robot Wireless Sensor Networks
Found in: Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, International Workshop on
By Heng Huang, Fillia Makedon, Dan Popa, Harry Stephanou, James Ford, Yurong Xu
Issue Date:June 2007
pp. 79
Multimedia sensor networking technologies have developed very rapidly in the last ten years. Robot wireless sensor networks are an increasingly capable platform and show great potential in environments from future battlefields to disaster discovery. Robot ...
Using Singular Value Decomposition Approximation for Collaborative Filtering
Found in: E-Commerce Technology, IEEE International Conference on
By Sheng Zhang, Weihong Wang, James Ford, Fillia Makedon, Justin Pearlman
Issue Date:July 2005
pp. 257-264
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), together with the Expectation-Maximization (EM) procedure, can be used to find a low-dimension model that maximizes the log-likelihood of observed ratings in recommendation systems. However, the computational cost of thi...
Collaborative Automated Trust Negotiation in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Found in: Peer-to-Peer Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Song Ye, Fillia Makedon, James Ford
Issue Date:August 2004
pp. 108-115
The increasing popularity of peer-to-peer systems has promoted the development of new techniques to support various kinds of business transactions. However, users are reluctant to conduct high value transactions over P2P systems due to the inherent untrust...
SCENS: A System for the Mediated Sharing of Sensitive Data
Found in: Digital Libraries, Joint Conference on
By Song Ye, Fillia Makedon, Tilmann Steinberg, Li Shen, James Ford, Yuhang Wang, Yan Zhao, Sarantos Kapidakis
Issue Date:May 2003
pp. 263
This paper introduces SCENS, a Secure Content Exchange Negotiation System suitable for the exchange of private digital data that reside in distributed digital repositories. SCENS is an open negotiation system with flexibility, security and scalability. SCE...
Discussion: The Burroughs B 5000 in Retrospect
Found in: IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
By Robert S. Barton, Henri Bercé, George A. Collins, Bobby A. Creech, David M. Dahm, Benjamin A. Dent, V. James Ford, Bernard A. Galler, John E. S. Hale, Erwin A. Hauck, Joseph T. Hootman, Paul D. King, Norman L. Kreuder, William R. Lonergan, Duncan Ma
Issue Date:January 1987
pp. 37-92
No summary available.
Entrapping Adversaries for Source Protection in Sensor Networks
Found in: A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, International Symposium on
By Yi Ouyang, Zhengyi Le, Guanling Chen, James Ford, Fillia Makedon
Issue Date:June 2006
pp. 23-34
Sensor networks are used in a variety of application areas for diverse problems from habitat monitoring to military tracking. Whenever they are used to monitor sensitive objects, the privacy of monitored objects? locations becomes an important concern. Whe...
Attack detection in time series for recommender systems
Found in: Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD '06)
By Amit Chakrabarti, Fillia Makedon, James Ford, Sheng Zhang
Issue Date:August 2006
pp. 809-814
Recent research has identified significant vulnerabilities in recommender systems. Shilling attacks, in which attackers introduce biased ratings in order to influence future recommendations, have been shown to be effective against collaborative filtering a...
Analysis of a low-dimensional linear model under recommendation attacks
Found in: Proceedings of the 29th annual international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval (SIGIR '06)
By Fillia Makedon, James Ford, Sheng Zhang, Yi Ouyang
Issue Date:August 2006
pp. 517-524
Collaborative filtering techniques have become popular in the past decade as an effective way to help people deal with information overload. Recent research has identified significant vulnerabilities in collaborative filtering techniques. Shilling attacks,...
A privacy-preserving collaborative filtering scheme with two-way communication
Found in: Proceedings of the 7th ACM conference on Electronic commerce (EC '06)
By Fillia Makedon, James Ford, Sheng Zhang
Issue Date:June 2006
pp. 316-323
An important security concern with traditional recommendation systems is that users disclose information that may compromise their individual privacy when providing ratings. A randomization approach has been proposed to disguise user ratings while still pr...
Node clustering based on link delay in P2P networks
Found in: Proceedings of the 2005 ACM symposium on Applied computing (SAC '05)
By Fillia Makedon, James Ford, Sheng Zhang, Wei Zheng, Yi Ouyang
Issue Date:March 2005
pp. 744-749
Peer-to-peer (P2P) has become an important computing model because of its adaptation, self-organization and autonomy etc. But efficient organization of the nodes in P2P networks is still a challenge needs to be addressed. Node clustering is a mechanism tha...
Stimulus tracking in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
Found in: Proceedings of the sixth ACM international conference on Multimedia (MULTIMEDIA '98)
By Andrew J. Saykin, Charles Owen, Fillia Makedon, James Ford, Sterling Johnson
Issue Date:September 1998
pp. 445-454
This paper addresses the problem of how to automatically generate visual representations of recorded histories of distributed multimedia collaborations. The work reported here focuses mainly on what we consider to be an innovative approach to this problem,...
Interactive multimedia conference proceedings
Found in: Conference companion on Human factors in computing systems (CHI '95)
By Charles Owen, Fillia Makedon, James Ford, Kenneth Harker, P. Takis Metaxas, Samuel A. Rebelsky
Issue Date:May 1995
pp. 13-14
We present an approach to control information flow in object-oriented systems. The decision of whether an informatin flow is permitted or denied depends on both the authorizations specified on the objects and the process by which information is obtained an...