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Silicon Photonic Interconnects for Large-Scale Computer Systems
Found in: IEEE Micro
By Ron Ho,Philip Amberg,Eric Chang,Pranay Koka,Jon Lexau,Guoliang Li,Frankie Y. Liu,Herb Schwetman,Ivan Shubin,Hiren D. Thacker,Xuezhe Zheng,John E. Cunningham,Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 68-78
Optical interconnects play an integral role in large-scale digital computing, switching, and routing systems. The authors describe a path toward future many-chip modules based on silicon photonic interposers that stitch together tens of chips in a dense an...
Optical Interconnect for High-End Computer Systems
Found in: IEEE Design and Test of Computers
By Ron Ho, Frankie Liu, Dinesh Patil, Xuezhe Zheng, Guoliang Li, Ivan Shubin, Elad Alon, Jon Lexau, Herb Schwetman, John E. Cunningham, Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 10-19
<p><it>Editor's note</it>:</p><p>Advances in silicon photonic technology have made possible the use of optical communication in large-scale chip arrays. This article shows how such a structure utilizes the high bandwidth of th...