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Improving Accuracy of Recommender System by Clustering Items Based on Stability of User Similarity
Found in: Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation, International Conference on
By Truong Khanh Quan, Ishikawa Fuyuki, Honiden Shinichi
Issue Date:December 2006
pp. 61
Collaborative Filtering, one of the most widely used approach in Recommender System, predicts a user?s rating towards an item by aggregating ratings given by users having similar preference to that user. In existing approaches, user similarity is often com...
SanGA: A Self-Adaptive Network-Aware Approach to Service Composition
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
By Adrian Klein,Ishikawa Fuyuki,Shinichi Honiden
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 1
Service-Oriented Computing enables the composition of loosely coupled services provided with varying Quality of Service (QoS) levels. Selecting a near-optimal set of services for a composition in terms of QoS is crucial when many functionally equivalent se...