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Technical opinionWhat drives the adoption of antiphishing measures by Hong Kong banks?
Found in: Communications of the ACM
By Alvin Chung Man Leung, Indranil Bose, Alvin Chung Man Leung, Alvin Chung Man Leung, Indranil Bose, Indranil Bose
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 101-104
Introduction Phishing mongers and posers have taken the world by a storm and it is estimated that the annual financial loss due to phishing scams is at least US $320 million. Hong Kong has been a hotspot of phishing attacks and since majority of phishing i...
A Fuzzy Clustering Based Analysis of Migratory Customer Behavior
Found in: Computational and Information Sciences, International Conference on
By Indranil Bose,Xi Chen
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 480-483
Customer clustering is used to identify behavioral patterns of customers so that businesses can align their marketing strategies with customers' preferences and retain them. In this paper, we develop a method for extending the standard fuzzy c-means cluste...
The Green Potential of RFID Projects: A Case-Based Analysis
Found in: IT Professional
By Indranil Bose,Shipeng Yan
Issue Date:January 2011
pp. 41-47
Findings from 13 case studies on RFID's use in green projects reveal its potential not only to enhance environmental sustainability but also to reduce costs and generate revenue by creating new commercial opportunities.
Assessment of Phishing Announcements on Market Value of Firms
Found in: Information Technology, International Conference on
By Indranil Bose, Alvin C. M. Leung
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 304-307
This is a research study of indirect financial impact of phishing announcements on firm value. Using about 3,000 phishing announcements, we showed that phishing has significant negative influence on firms regardless of company size. With regard to attacks ...
Exploring Business Opportunities from Mobile Service Data of Customers Using Inter-cluster Analysis
Found in: Data Mining Workshops, International Conference on
By Indranil Bose, Chen Xi
Issue Date:December 2006
pp. 580-584
Customer clustering is used to understand customers? preferences and behaviors by examining the differences and similarities between customers. Kohonen vector quantization (KVQ), Kohonen Self Organizing Map (SOM) and K-means are used in this research to fi...
Predicting the Survival or Failure of Click-and-Mortar Corporations
Found in: e-Technology, e-Commerce, and e-Services, IEEE International Conference on
By Indranil Bose, Raktim Pal
Issue Date:April 2005
pp. 692-697
With the boom in e-business, several corporations have emerged in the late nineties that have primarily conducted their business through the Internet and the Web. They have come to be known as the dotcoms or click-and-mortar corporations. The success of th...
A Case-Based Analysis of Active Data Warehousing
Found in: IT Professional
By Indranil Bose,Ben Hui Siu Bun
Issue Date:May 2014
pp. 52-60