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Remedies for common user-agent problems
Found in: interactions
By Hugo Haas, Ian Jacobs, Karl Dubost
Issue Date:January 1994
pp. 36-44
User agents---that is browsers and other programs that deal with the Web---can fail the user in many ways. This article, by three people deeply involved with the development of the Web, documents some typical common user agent problems, and suggests correc...
Web content accessibility guidelines 1.0
Found in: interactions
By Gregg Vanderheiden, Ian Jacobs, Wendy Chisholm
Issue Date:January 1994
pp. 35-54
If user-interface design seeks to encompass human-experience design, then computer-based communication and interaction designers need to keep Asian, specifically Chinese, users in mind. China, with approximately one-fifth of the world's population, an econ...