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Improving Software Development Management through Software Project Telemetry
Found in: IEEE Software
By Philip M. Johnson, Hongbing Kou, Michael Paulding, Qin Zhang, Aaron Kagawa, Takuya Yamashita
Issue Date:July 2005
pp. 76-85
Software project telemetry is a new approach to software project management in which sensors are attached to development environment tools to unobtrusively monitor the development process and products. This sensor data is abstracted into high-level perspec...
Automated Recognition of Test-Driven Development with Zorro
Found in: AGILE Conference
By Philip M. Johnson, Hongbing Kou
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 15-25
Zorro is a system designed to automatically determine whether a developer is complying with an operational definition of Test-Driven Development (TDD) practices. Automated recognition of TDD can benefit the software development community in a variety of wa...
Practical Automated Process and Product Metric Collection and Analysis in a Classroom Setting: Lessons Learned from Hackystat-UH
Found in: Empirical Software Engineering, International Symposium on
By Philip M. Johnson, Hongbing Kou, Joy M. Agustin, Qin Zhang, Aaron Kagawa, Takuya Yamashita
Issue Date:August 2004
pp. 136-144
Measurement definition, collection, and analysis is an essential component of high quality software engineering practice, and is thus an essential component of the software engineering curriculum. However, providing students with practical experience with ...
Beyond the Personal Software Process: Metrics collection and analysis for the differently disciplined
Found in: Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Philip M. Johnson, Hongbing Kou, Joy Agustin, Christopher Chan, Carleton Moore, Jitender Miglani, Shenyan Zhen, William E.J. Doane
Issue Date:May 2003
pp. 641
Pedagogies such as the Personal Software Process (PSP) shift metrics definition, collection, and analysis from the organizational level to the individual level. While case study research indicates that the PSP can provide software engineering students with...