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Collaborative e-Science Experiments and Scientific Workflows
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Adam Belloum, Marcia A. Inda, Dmitry Vasunin, Vladimir Korkhov, Zhiming Zhao, Han Rauwerda, Timo M. Breit, Marian Bubak, Luis O. Hertzberger
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 39-47
<p>Recent advances in Internet and grid technologies have greatly enhanced scientific experiments' life cycle. In addition to compute- and data-intensive tasks, large-scale collaborations involving geographically distributed scientists and e-infrastr...
Analysing Scientific Workflows: Why Workflows Not Only Connect Web Services
Found in: Services, IEEE Congress on
By Ingo Wassink, Paul E. van der Vet, Katy Wolstencroft, Pieter B.T. Neerincx, Marco Roos, Han Rauwerda, Timo M. Breit
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 314-321
Life science workflow systems are developed to help life scientists to conveniently connect various programs and web services. In practice however, much time is spent on data conversion, because web services provided by different organisations use differen...