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Using A-Buffer in Radiosity
Found in: Computer Graphics International Conference
By Q. Wang, J. H. Tang, C. H. Lim, H. C. Teh, Z. Huang
Issue Date:July 2001
pp. 0193
Abstract: Anti-aliasing in form factor computation and precise determination of shadow boundaries are important issues for Radiosity method. A-Buffer is a technique introduced by Carpenter for anti-aliasing in hidden surface removal. In this paper, we prop...
An Intelligent System for Integrating Semantic and Iconic Features for Image Retrieval
Found in: Computer Graphics International Conference
By Lilian H Tang, Rudolf Hanka, Horace H. S. Ip, Kent K T Cheung, Ringo Lam
Issue Date:July 2001
pp. 0240
Abstract: The I-Browse project aimed to develop a prototype system to provide facilities for supporting intelligent retrieval of medical image through a combination of iconic and semantic content. The resulting prototype system, I-Browse, is able to extrac...
Improving I/O response times via prefetching and storage system reorganization
Found in: Computer Software and Applications Conference, Annual International
By C.L. Chee, H. Lu, H. Tang, C.V. Ramamoorthy
Issue Date:August 1997
pp. 143
We present a storage management system that has the ability to adapt to the data access characteristics of the application that uses it, based on collection and analysis of runtime statistics. Adaptive reorganization is performed by the storage management ...
Software Testing Education and Training in Hong Kong
Found in: Quality Software, International Conference on
By F. T. Chan, W. H. Tang, T. Y. Chen
Issue Date:September 2005
pp. 313-316
While the use of computer applications is widely spread in every business and, hence, the reliability of software is critical, it is believed that many organizations involved in software development do not take software testing sufficiently seriously as an...
Blending structured graphics and layout
Found in: Proceedings of the 7th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '94)
By Mark A. Linton, Steven H. Tang
Issue Date:November 1994
pp. 167-173
Conventional windowing environments provide separate classes of objects for user interface components, or “widgets,” and graphical objects. Widgets negotiate layout and can be resized as rectangles, while graphics may be shared, transformed, tr...
Pacers: time-elastic objects
Found in: Proceedings of the 6th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '93)
By Mark A. Linton, Steven H. Tang
Issue Date:December 1993
pp. 35-43
Traditional models of input work on the assumption that inputs delivered to a system are fairly certain to have occurred as they are reported. However, a number of new input modalities, such as pen-based inputs, hand and body gesture inputs, and voice inpu...