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A floating-point divider using redundant binary circuits and an asynchronous clock scheme
Found in: Computer Design, International Conference on
By H. Suzuki, H. Makino, K. Mashiko, H. Hamano
Issue Date:October 1997
pp. 685
This paper describes a new floating-point divider (FDIV) using redundant binary circuits on an asynchronous clock scheme for an internal iterative operation. The redundant binary representation of +1=(1,0), 0=(0,0), -1+(0,1) is applied to the all mantissa ...
Influence of mechanical vibration on the behavior of partial discharges in generator stator windings
Found in: International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Materials
By K. Wu, M. Kanegami, T. Takahashi, H. Suzuki, T. Ito, T. Okamoto, H. Yano
Issue Date:June 2005
pp. 281-284 Vol. 1
As mechanical vibration usually exists in HV motors and generators, its influence on the partial discharge (PD) needs to be studied so as to improve the reliability of on-line PD monitoring method. In this report, the mechanical vibration frequency was syn...
3D geometric metamorphosis based on harmonic map
Found in: Computer Graphics and Applications, Pacific Conference on
By T. Kanai, H. Suzuki, F. Kimura
Issue Date:October 1997
pp. 97
Recently, animations with deforming objects are frequently used in various computer graphics applications. Metamorphosis (or morphing) of three dimensional objects can realize a shape transformation between two or more existing objects. We present a new al...
Interpreting Line Drawings of Objects with K-Vertices
Found in: Geometric Modeling and Processing
By P. A. C. Varley, H. Suzuki, R. R. Martin
Issue Date:April 2004
pp. 249
As part of the goal of automatic creation of B-rep models of engineering objects from freehand sketches, we seek to take a single line drawing (with hidden lines removed), and from it deduce an initial 3D geometric realisation of the visible part of the dr...
Low-power bit-serial Viterbi decoder for next generation wide-band CDMA systems
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By H. Suzuki, Yun-Nan Chang, K.K. Parhi
Issue Date:March 1999
pp. 1913-1916
This paper presents a low-power bit-serial Viterbi decoder chip with the coding rate r=1/3 and the constraint length K=9 (256 states). This chip has been implemented using 0.5 /spl mu/m three-layer metal CMOS technology and is targeted for high speed convo...
A method to evaluate accuracy of FFT-based periodicity analysis for short length signal in low SNR
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By H. Kanai, N. Chubachi, H. Suzuki
Issue Date:March 1992
pp. 45-48
Described is a new method to evaluate theoretically and quantitatively the estimation error (bias error and variance) of the periodicity analysis when the fast Fourier transform (FFT) is applied to a sinusoidal signal in arbitrary signal-to-noise ratio (SN...
Contouring Medial Surface of Thin Plate Structure Using Local Marching Cubes (Figures 15, 16, and 17)
Found in: Shape Modeling and Applications, International Conference on
By T. Fujimori, H. Suzuki, Y. Kobayashi, K. Kase
Issue Date:June 2004
pp. 396
No summary available.
Web-based Management Framework of Advanced Telecommunications Network
Found in: Computer Communications and Networks, International Conference on
By N. Makinae, D. Hamuro, H. Suzuki
Issue Date:October 1998
pp. 524
No summary available.
Interactive Mesh Dragging with Adaptive Remeshing Technique
Found in: Computer Graphics and Applications, Pacific Conference on
By H. Suzuki, Y. Sakurai, T. Kanai, F. Kimura
Issue Date:October 1998
pp. 188
No summary available.
Technical Issues on Simulating Impulse and Friction in Three Dimensional Rigid Body Dynamics
Found in: Computer Animation
By K. Kawachi, H. Suzuki, F. Kimura
Issue Date:June 1998
pp. 170
No summary available.
A new speech recognition method based on VQ-distortion measure and HMM
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By S. Nakagawa, H. Suzuki
Issue Date:April 1993
pp. 676-679
A speech recognition method which integrates a VQ (vector quantization)-distortion measure and a discrete HMM (hidden Markov model) is proposed. This VQ-distortion-based HMM uses a VQ-distortion measure at each state instead of the discrete output probabil...
The Sinogram Polygonizer for Reconstructing 3D Shapes
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
By D. Yamanaka,Y. Ohtake,H. Suzuki
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 1911-1922
This paper proposes a novel approach, the sinogram polygonizer, for directly reconstructing 3D shapes from sinograms (i.e., the primary output from X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanners consisting of projection image sequences of an object shown from dif...
Environmental Benefit of Waste Home Appliance Recycling II - A Trial to Reduce Environmental Loads -
Found in: Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing, International Symposium on
By Y. Kawamura, H. Suzuki
Issue Date:December 2005
pp. 913-917
We constructed a recycling plant for waste home appliances and operated from April 2000. A life cycle assessment (LCA) to compare recycling scenarios was conducted using the data from the operation. The results of the assessment show that it was effective ...
ATM connection and traffic management schemes for multimedia internetworking
Found in: Communications of the ACM
By A. Iwata, C. Ikeda, H. Suzuki, M. Ott, N. Mori
Issue Date:January 1988
pp. 72-89
The educational requirements of our society are changing. It is no longer sufficient to obtain an education at a single point in time and be done; rather, education must be a lifelong process to allow people, particularly those in technical diciplines, to ...
Multicommodity flows in planar undirected graphs and shortest paths
Found in: Proceedings of the seventeenth annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing (STOC '85)
By H Suzuki, N Saito, T Nishizeki
Issue Date:May 1985
pp. 195-204
This paper deals with the multicommodity flow problems for two classes of planar undirected graphs. The first class C12 consists of graphs in which each source-sink pair is located on one of two specified face boundaries. The second class C01 consists of g...