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The Open Channel
Found in: Computer
By V. Myasnikov, H. Garland
Issue Date:October 1982
pp. 101-102
No summary available.
Personal Computers Go to Work
Found in: Computer
By H. Garland, A. Ahlgren
Issue Date:June 1978
pp. 28-32
Several small-scale computer applications illustrate the usefulness of microprocessor-based systems for a variety of industrial processes and business procedures.
Design Innovations in Personal Computers
Found in: Computer
By H. Garland
Issue Date:March 1977
pp. 24-27
There is little question that the current enthusiasm in personal computing was catalyzed by the introduction of the MITS Altair computer kit in January 1975. This computer kit demonstrated by its cost (originally less than $400) that individuals could now ...