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Temporal Support for Persistent Stored Modules
Found in: Data Engineering, International Conference on
By Richard T. Snodgrass,Dengfeng Gao,Rui Zhang,Stephen W. Thomas
Issue Date:April 2012
pp. 114-125
We show how to extend temporal support of SQL to the Turing-complete portion of SQL, that of persistent stored modules (PSM). Our approach requires minor new syntax beyond that already in SQL/Temporal to define and to invoke PSM routines, thereby extending...
Research on Control Strategy for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter Based on Proportional Complex Integral Control
Found in: Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, International Conference on
By Qiuxia Yang, Jinling Gao, Rui Xu, Yuyan Ren
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 108-111
A new control approach based on Proportional Complex Integral control for grid-connected current is presented in this paper. The working principle is analyzed, parameter design and implementation method for PCI control are given. this controller is differe...
Geometrically Invariant Color Image Watermarking Using Mean-Based 2D Color Histogram
Found in: Networks Security, Wireless Communications and Trusted Computing, International Conference on
By Shengli Yang, Jun Gao, Rui Sun
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 3-6
Watermark resistance to geometric attacks is a crucial issue in watermark system design. Challenging cropping and recently reported random bending attacks (RBAs) are still the Achilles heel for most of the existing watermarking schemes. This paper presents...
Magnetic Circuit Design Based on Circumferential Excitation in Oil-Gas Pipeline Magnetic Flux Leakage Detection
Found in: Computational Intelligence and Design, International Symposium on
By Song-wei Gao, Rui Pei, Gang Liu
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 550-553
In the oil-gas pipeline magnetic flux leakage (MFL) detection, the qualitative and quantitative analysis can be achieved. The circumferential excitation technology is an effective way to detect or size axial direction of defects reliably; Magnetic circuit ...
Multi-antenna cognitive radio systems: Environmental learning and channel training
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By Feifei Gao, Rui Zhang, Ying-Chang Liang, Xiaodong Wang
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 2329-2332
This paper presents a multi-antenna cognitive radio (CR) system that is capable of operating concurrently with the primary radio (PR) link. The operation of the CR system consists of three stages: environmental learning, CR channel training and CR data tra...
An Efficient Lossless Compression Method for Internet Search Data in Hardware Accelerators
Found in: Computer Science and Information Engineering, World Congress on
By Yan Jing, Luo Rong, Gao Rui, Xu Ning-Yi
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 453-457
Nowadays machine learning algorithms are intensively used to improve the relevance of search engines by training on Internet search data, while their software implementations on commodity computers are not efficient (in terms of computation speed, power co...
Web Object Mining Based on Entropy Pruning
Found in: Semantics, Knowledge and Grid, International Conference on
By Kun Gao, Rui Liu, Deqing Wang
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 433-436
Currently, a large number of Web information on the Internet is presented in structured objects. Mining object information from Web is of great importance for Web data management. MDR algorithm is a fully automated data records mining method. The algorithm...
Congestions and Spatiotemporal Patterns in a Cellular Automaton Model for Mixed Traffic Flow
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Xiao-Mei Zhao, Bin Jia, Zi-You Gao, Rui Jiang
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 425-429
This paper studies traffic features in a mixed traffic flow composed of motorized vehicles and nonmotorized vehicles near a bus stop within a completely different framework. By using cellular automaton models, our work has taken the non-lane based behavior...
Study of content-based image retrieval using parallel computing technique
Found in: Proceedings of the 2007 Asian technology information program's (ATIP's) 3rd workshop on High performance computing in China: solution approaches to impediments for high performance computing (CHINA HPC '07)
By Pengdong Gao, Rui Lv, Wenhua Yu, Yongquan Lu, Zhiwu Su
Issue Date:November 2007
pp. 305-305
In this paper, we implement a parallel technique to a content-based image retrieval system and investigate the influence of different hardware devices on the retrieval system performance. Our system is developed on cluster architecture. The feature extract...