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Virtual Appliance Size Optimization with Active Fault Injection
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Gabor Kecskemeti,Gabor Terstyanszky,Peter Kacsuk
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 1983-1995
Virtual appliances store the required information to instantiate a functional Virtual Machine (VM) on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud systems. Large appliance size obstructs IaaS systems to deliver dynamic and scalable infrastructures according to...
Automatic Service Deployment Using Virtualisation
Found in: Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing, Euromicro Conference on
By Gabor Kecskemeti, Peter Kacsuk, Gabor Terstyanszky, Tamas Kiss, Thierry Delaitre
Issue Date:February 2008
pp. 628-635
Manual deployment of the application usually requires expertise both about the underlying system and the application. Automatic service deployment can improve deployment significantly by using on-demand deployment and selfhealing services. To support these...
Service-Oriented Production Grids and User Support
Found in: Grid Computing, IEEE/ACM International Workshop on
By Gabor Terstyanszky, Tamas Kiss, Thierry Delaitre, Stephen Winter, Peter Kacsuk, Gabor Kecskemeti
Issue Date:September 2006
pp. 323-324
Currently several production grids offer their resources for academic communities. These grids are resource-oriented grids with minimal user support. The existing user support incorporates grid portals without workflow editing and execution capabilities, b...
Towards Efficient Virtual Appliance Delivery with Minimal Manageable Virtual Appliances
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
By Gabor Kecskemeti,Gabor Terstyanszky,Peter Kacsuk,Zsolt Nemeth
Issue Date:April 2014
pp. 279-292
Infrastructure as a Service systems use virtual appliances to initiate virtual machines. As virtual appliances encapsulate applications and services with their support environment, their delivery is the most expensive task of the virtual machine creation. ...
LAYSI: A Layered Approach for SLA-Violation Propagation in Self-Manageable Cloud Infrastructures
Found in: Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops
By Ivona Brandic, Vincent C. Emeakaroha, Michael Maurer, Schahram Dustdar, Sandor Acs, Attila Kertesz, Gabor Kecskemeti
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 365-370
Cloud computing represents a promising computing paradigm where computing resources have to be allocated to software for their execution. Self-manageable Cloud infrastructures are required to achieve that level of flexibility on one hand, and to comply to ...
An SLA-based resource virtualization approach for on-demand service provision
Found in: Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Virtualization technologies in distributed computing (VTDC '09)
By Attila Kertesz, Gabor Kecskemeti, Ivona Brandic
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 27-34
Cloud computing is a newly emerged research infrastructure that builds on the latest achievements of diverse research areas, such as Grid computing, Service-oriented computing, business processes and virtualization. In this paper we present an architecture...