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Design and Implementation of Real-Time Wearable Devices for a Safety-Critical Track Warning System
Found in: 2012 IEEE 14th International Symposium on High-Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE)
By Andrea Ceccarelli,Andrea Bondavalli,Joao Figueiras,Boris Malinowsky,Jurij Wakula,Francesco Brancati,Carlo Dambra,Andrea Seminatore
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 147-154
Trackside railway workers can benefit of intelligent systems for automatic track warning, that are able to safely i) detect trains or rolling stock approaching the worksite, and ii) notify their arrival to the workers. The usage of wearable mobile devices ...
Practical Aspects in Analyzing and Sharing the Results of Experimental Evaluation
Found in: Reliable Distributed Systems, IEEE Symposium on
By Francesco Brancati, Andrea Bondavalli
Issue Date:November 2010
pp. 328-332
Dependability evaluation techniques such as the ones based on testing, or on the analysis of field data on computer faults, are a fundamental process in assessing complex and critical systems. Recently a new approach [3] has been proposed consisting in col...
Experimental Validation of a Synchronization Uncertainty-Aware Software Clock
Found in: Reliable Distributed Systems, IEEE Symposium on
By Andrea Bondavalli, Francesco Brancati, Andrea Ceccarelli, Michele Vadursi
Issue Date:November 2010
pp. 245-254
A software clock capable of self-evaluating its synchronization uncertainty is experimentally validated for a specific implementation on a node synchronized through NTP. The validation methodology takes advantage of an external node equipped with a GPS-syn...
An OS-level Framework for Anomaly Detection in Complex Software Systems
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
By Antonio Bovenzi,Francesco Brancati,Stefano Russo,Andrea Bondavalli
Issue Date:July 2014
pp. 1
Revealing anomalies at the operating system (OS) level to support online diagnosis activities of complex software systems is a promising approach when traditional detection mechanisms (e.g., based on event logs, probes and heartbeats) are inadequate or can...
Improving Security of Internet Services through Continuous and Transparent User Identity Verification
Found in: 2012 IEEE 31st International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS)
By Andrea Ceccarelli,Andrea Bondavalli,Francesco Brancati,Ernesto La Mattina
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 201-206
Session management in distributed Internet services is traditionally based on username and password, and explicit logouts and timeouts that expire due to idle activity of the user. Emerging biometric solutions allow substituting username and password with ...
A methodology and supporting techniques for the quantitative assessment of insider threats
Found in: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Dependability Issues in Cloud Computing (DISCCO '13)
By Andrea Bondavalli, Andrea Ceccarelli, Francesco Brancati, Nicola Nostro
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 1-6
Security is a major challenge for today's companies, especially ICT ones which manages large scale cyber-critical systems. Amongst the multitude of attacks and threats to which a system is potentially exposed, there are insiders attackers i.e., users with ...