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Maximum Rank Distance Codes for Space Time Block Coding: A Comparative Study
Found in: Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies, International Conference on
By Hafiz M. Asif,Ernst M. Gabidulin,Bahram Honary
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 206-211
In this paper, the construction of space time block (STBC) over maximum rank distance (MRD) codes is presented for different configuration of transmit antennas. Different fields are used to construct such codes. To conserve the rank of the code, Gaussian i...
Filter Importance Sampling
Found in: Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing
By M. Ernst, M. Stamminger, G. Greiner
Issue Date:September 2006
pp. 125-132
High quality ray tracing requires pixel sampling and filtering for antialiasing, as well as illumination sampling for complex lighting effects. Both problems are well understood and sophisticated sampling techniques are available for each of them. However,...
Discrete texture traces: Topological representation of geometric context
Found in: 2012 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
By J. Ernst,M. K. Singh,V. Ramesh
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 422-429
Modeling representations of image patches that are quasi-invariant to spatial deformations is an important problem in computer vision. In this paper, we propose a novel concept, the texture trace, that allows sparse patch representations which are quasi-in...
Modeling Toroidal Networks with the Gaussian Integers
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Carmen Martínez, Ramón Beivide, Esteban Stafford, Miquel Moretó, Ernst M. Gabidulin
Issue Date:August 2008
pp. 1046-1056
In this paper we consider a broad family of toroidal networks, denoted as Gaussian networks, which include many previously proposed and used topologies. We will define such networks by means of the Gaussian Integers, the subset of the Complex numbers with ...
CyberWalk: Enabling unconstrained omnidirectional walking through virtual environments
Found in: ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP)
By A. De Luca, H. H. Bulthoff, H. Ulbrich, I. Frissen, J. L. Souman, M. O. Ernst, M. Schwaiger, P. Robuffo Giordano, T. Thummel
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 1-22
Despite many recent developments in virtual reality, an effective locomotion interface which allows for normal walking through large virtual environments was until recently still lacking. Here, we describe the new CyberWalk omnidirectional treadmill system...