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Scalable Network Virtualization in Software-Defined Networks
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Dmitry Drutskoy,Eric Keller,Jennifer Rexford
Issue Date:March 2013
pp. 20-27
Network virtualization gives each "tenant" in a data center its own network topology and control over its traffic flow. Software-defined networking offers a standard interface between controller applications and switch-forwarding tables, and is t...
Hyper-Programmable Architectures for Adaptable Networked Systems
Found in: Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processors, IEEE International Conference on
By Gordon Brebner, Phil James-Roxby, Eric Keller, Chidamber Kulkarni
Issue Date:September 2004
pp. 328-338
We explain how modern programmable logic devices have capabilities that are well suited for them to assume a central role in the implementation of networked systems, now and in the future. To date, such devices have featured largely in ASIC substitution ro...
NoHype: virtualized cloud infrastructure without the virtualization
Found in: Proceedings of the 37th annual international symposium on Computer architecture (ISCA '10)
By Eric Keller, Jakub Szefer, Jennifer Rexford, Ruby B. Lee
Issue Date:June 2010
pp. 72-ff
Cloud computing is a disruptive trend that is changing the way we use computers. The key underlying technology in cloud infrastructures is virtualization -- so much so that many consider virtualization to be one of the key features rather than simply an im...
Virtually eliminating router bugs
Found in: Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Emerging networking experiments and technologies (CoNEXT '09)
By Eric Keller, Jennifer Rexford, Matthew Caesar, Minlan Yu
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 13-24
Software bugs in routers lead to network outages, security vulnerabilities, and other unexpected behavior. Rather than simply crashing the router, bugs can violate protocol semantics, rendering traditional failure detection and recovery techniques ineffect...
Accountability in hosted virtual networks
Found in: Proceedings of the 1st ACM workshop on Virtualized infrastructure systems and architectures (VISA '09)
By Eric Keller, Jennifer Rexford, Ruby B. Lee
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 101-104
Virtualization enables multiple networks, each customized for a particular purpose, to run concurrently over a shared substrate. One such model for managing these virtual networks is to create a hosting platform where companies can deploy services by leasi...
Virtual routers on the move: live router migration as a network-management primitive
Found in: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2008 conference on Data communication (SIGCOMM '08)
By Brian Biskeborn, Eric Keller, Jacobus van der Merwe, Jennifer Rexford, Yi Wang
Issue Date:August 2008
pp. 325
The complexity of network management is widely recognized as one of the biggest challenges facing the Internet today. Point solutions for individual problems further increase system complexity while not addressing the underlying causes. In this paper, we a...
Virtualizing the data plane through source code merging
Found in: Proceedings of the ACM workshop on Programmable routers for extensible services of tomorrow (PRESTO '08)
By Eric Keller, Evan Green
Issue Date:August 2008
pp. 107-112
Virtualization is a key technology that enables multiple research groups to test new protocols simultaneously on the same physical network and also allows service providers to incrementally add new services. In this paper we focus on virtualization of the ...