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Work in progress -- Design of interactive learning objects for improvement of digital electronics teaching and learning in high school and distance learning universities
Found in: Frontiers in Education, Annual
By Sergio Martin,Jose Joaquin Fabuel,Elio Sancristobal,Manuel Castro,Juan Peire
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. T4C-1-T4C-2
This paper introduces the use of interactive animations in a blended learning approach for a digital electronics course. These interactive animations help students in the concepts acquisition, thanks to their visual and interactive features. The designed a...
VISIR deployment in undergraduate engineering practices
Found in: Frontiers in Education, Annual
By Mohamed Tawfik,Elio Sancristobal,Sergio Martin,Charo Gil,Alberto Pesquera,Pablo Losada,Gabriel Diaz,Juan Peire,Manuel Castro,Javier Garcia-Zubia,Unai Hernandez,Pablo Orduna,Ignacio Angulo,M. C. Costa Lobo,M. A. Marques,M. C. Viegas,Gustavo R. Alves
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. T1A-1-T1A-7
Practical sessions are the backbone of qualification in engineering education. It leads to a better understanding and allows mastering scientific concepts and theories. The lack of the availability of practical sessions at many universities and institution...
Applying a assessment tool in distance learning education
Found in: Frontiers in Education, Annual
By Elio Sancristobal,Nuria Oliva,Juan J. Aguado,Juan Vicente Miguez,Sergio Martin,Gabriel Diaz,Jose Carpio,Manuel Castro
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. F4C-1-F4C-8
Spanish National University for Distance Education (UNED) has a great number of students located in different places from Spain, Europe and South America. By this reason, it is necessary to use e-learning tools that make easier learning process of our stud...
Interoperability and Integration of Context-Aware Services in an Ambient Intelligence Environment
Found in: Internet and Web Applications and Services, International Conference on
By Sergio Martín, Elio Sancristobal, Guillermo Temiño, Pablo Losada, Nuria Oliva, Antonio Colmenar, Manuel Castro, Juan Peire
Issue Date:June 2008
pp. 541-546
The present paper introduces the creation of an interactive system for university environments based on personalization of services thanks to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The described system is a mosaic application that integrates different serv...
Open Service-Oriented Platforms for Personal Learning Environments
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Salvador Ros,Roberto Hernandez,Antonio Robles-Gomez,Agustin C. Caminero,Llanos Tobarra,Elio Sancristobal Ruiz
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 26-31
Learning management systems (LMSs) are software systems for administrating, tracking, and reporting on e-learning programs. The authors' next-generation LMS provides a personal learning environment (PLE) in which LMS functions are integrated into a context...
Modelling remote laboratories integrations in e-learning tools through remote laboratories federation protocols
Found in: 2012 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE)
By Pablo Orduna,Elio Sancristobal,Mikel Emaldi,Manuel Castro,Diego Lopez-de-Ipina,Javier Garcia-Zubia
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 1-6
An educational remote laboratory is a software and hardware tool that allows students to remotely access real equipment located in the university as if they were in a hands-on-lab session. Federations of remote laboratories have existed for years: they are...
Generic integration of remote laboratories in learning and content management systems through federation protocols
Found in: 2013 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE)
By Pablo Orduña,Sergio Botero Uribe,Nicolas Hock Isaza,Elio Sancristobal,Mikel Emaldi,Alberto Pesquera Martin,Kimberley DeLong,Philip Bailey,Diego Lopez-de-Ipiña,Manuel Castro,Javier Garcia-Zubia
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 1372-1378
Educational remote laboratories are a software and hardware tool that allows students to remotely access real equipment located in universities as if they were in a hands-on-lab session. Their integration in Content and Learning Management Systems (CMSs or...
Scaffolding online laboratory experiences as inclusive and motivational tools for students and teachers
Found in: 2013 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE)
By German Carro Fernandez,Manuel Castro Gil,Elio Sancristobal Ruiz,Miguel Latorre,Gabriel Diaz,Sergio Martin,Pablo Losada
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 1921-1927
The ability for accessing learning tools at any time and from anywhere is highly increasing. Technologies such as Internet and mobile devices provide universal integration of teaching and learning. For scientific or engineering subjects, the use of real re...
Towards an adaptive system for the evaluation of network services
Found in: 2013 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE)
By Antonio Robles-Gomez,Salvador Ros,Roberto Hernandez,Llanos Tobarra,Agustin C. Caminero,Rafael Pastor,Miguel Rodriguez-Artacho,Manuel Castro,Elio SanCristobal,Mohamed Tawfik
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 1011-1017
This paper presents a new educational system to automatically adapt the evaluation activities to the students' needs in the context of Higher Engineering Education. As an example, a subject focused on the configuration of network services has been chosen t...
Rethinking remote laboratories: Widgets and smart devices
Found in: 2013 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE)
By Miguel Latorre Garcia,German Carro Fernandez,Elio Sancristobal Ruiz,Alberto Pesquera Martin,Manuel Castro Gil
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 782-788
Until the last decades, students of distance learning universities had to go to traditional and physical laboratories to acquire practical knowledge and skills. Currently, thanks to the advances in communication and computer networks and the evolution of p...