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Five-Point Acceleration Sensing Wireless Body Area Network - Design and Practical Experiences
Found in: Wearable Computers, IEEE International Symposium
By Arto Ylisaukko-oja, Elena Vildjiounaite, Jani Mäntyjärvi
Issue Date:November 2004
pp. 184-185
An implementation of an unobtrusive five-point acceleration sensing wireless body area network (WBAN) with mobile device data logging capabilities is presented, along with practical experiences on performance. Results show good communications performance i...
If their car talks to them, shall a kitchen talk too?: cross- context mediation of interaction preferences
Found in: Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems (EICS '11)
By Elena Vildjiounaite, Jani Mantyjarvi, Vesa Kyllonen
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 111-116
So called "smart products" try to recognise user context and to deliver relevant information upon own initiative, e.g., to advise to buy a windscreen washing liquid or to stir an overheated meal. As variety of usage situations grow, it may become difficult...
MobiCon: integrated capture, annotation, and sharing of video clips with mobile phones
Found in: Proceedings of the 13th annual ACM international conference on Multimedia (MULTIMEDIA '05)
By Elena Vildjiounaite, Janne Lahti, Johannes Peltola, Marko Palola, Utz Westermann
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 798-799
This paper presents MobiCon, a video production tool for mobile camera phones. MobiCon integrates video clip capture with context-aware, personalized clip annotation -- supporting automatic annotation suggestions based on context data and efficient manual ...