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An Approach to Model and Query Event-Based Temporal Data
Found in: Temporal Representation and Reasoning, International Syposium on
By E. Bertino, E. Ferrari, G. Guerrini
Issue Date:May 1998
pp. 122
No summary available.
Providing flexibility in information flow control for object oriented systems
Found in: Security and Privacy, IEEE Symposium on
By E. Ferrari, P. Samarati, E. Bertino, S. Jajodia
Issue Date:May 1997
pp. 0130
Abstract: This paper presents an approach to control information flow in object-oriented systems that takes into account, besides authorizations on objects, also how the information has been obtained and/or transmitted. These aspects are considered by allo...
Query decomposition in an object-oriented database system distributed on a local area network
Found in: Research Issues in Data Engineering, International Workshop on
By E. Bertino
Issue Date:March 1995
pp. 2
Several issues are discussed concerning query processing in the framework of COMANDOS. COMANDOS is an object-oriented system supporting the development of distributed advanced applications. We first summarize the data model and the query language. Then we ...
Object-Oriented Query Languages: The Notion and the Issues
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By E. Bertino, M. Negri, G. Pelagatti, L. Sbattella
Issue Date:June 1992
pp. 223-237
<p>The authors describe how the characteristics of an object-oriented data model, such as object identity, complex object structure, methods, and class hierarchies, have an impact on the design of a query language. They also point out major differenc...
Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Content through Virtual Reality and Multimedia Techniques: A Case Study
Found in: Multi-Media Modeling Conference, International
By S. Valtolina, S. Franzoni, P. Mazzoleni, E. Bertino
Issue Date:January 2005
pp. 214-221
This paper presents the case study of an interactive digital narrative and real-time visualization of an Italian theatre during the 19th century. This case study illustrates how to integrate the traditional concepts of cultural heritage with Virtual Realit...
Fine-Grained Cloaking of Sensitive Positions in Location-Sharing Applications
Found in: IEEE Pervasive Computing
By M. L. Damiani,C. Silvestri,E. Bertino
Issue Date:April 2011
pp. 64-72
Geosocial networking applications magnify the concern for location privacy because a user's position can be disclosed to diverse untrusted parties. The Privacy Preserving Obfuscation Environment (Probe) framework supports semantic-location cloaking to prot...
Secure Third Party Distribution of XML Data
Found in: Data Engineering, International Conference on
By B. Carminati, E. Ferrari, E. Bertino
Issue Date:April 2005
pp. 547-548
No summary available.
A System to Specify and Manage Multipolicy Access Control Models
Found in: Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, IEEE International Workshop on
By E. Bertino, B. Catania, E. Ferrari, P. Perlasca
Issue Date:June 2002
pp. 0116
This paper describes the architecture and the core specificationlanguage of an extensible access control system,called MACS - Multipolicy Access Control System.Severalaccess control models are supported by the proposedsystem, including the mandatory model,...
Introducing Cooperation and Actions in Amalgamated Knowledge Bases
Found in: Database Systems for Advanced Applications, International Conference on
By E. Bertino, B. Catania, P. Perlasca
Issue Date:April 2001
pp. 0108
No summary available.
A Constraint-Based Approach for the Authoring of Multi-Topic Multimedia Presentations
Found in: Multimedia and Expo, IEEE International Conference on
By E. Bertino, E. Ferrari, A. Perego, D. Santi
Issue Date:July 2005
pp. 578-581
Synchronized multimedia applications play an important role in a Digital Library environment, since they allow one to efficiently disseminate knowledge among differently skilled users through an approach which is more direct than the classic ‘ static’ docu...
Indexing Constraint Databases by Using a Dual Representation
Found in: Data Engineering, International Conference on
By E. Bertino, B. Catania, B. Chidlovskii
Issue Date:March 1999
pp. 618
Linear constraint databases are a powerful framework to model spatial and temporal data. The use of constraint databases should be supported by access data structures that make effective use of secondary storage and reduce query processing time. Such struc...
Research issues in authorization models for hypertext systems
Found in: New Security Paradigms Workshop
By E. Bertino, P. Samarati
Issue Date:August 1995
pp. 22
The proper characteristics of hypertext systems, such as absence of a schema, connections among the different
Indexing Techniques for Queries on Nested Objects
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By E. Bertino, W. Kim
Issue Date:June 1989
pp. 196-214
<p>Three index organizations are introduced for use in the evaluation of a query in an object-oriented or nested relational database. Detailed models of the three indexes are developed. Using the models, the storage cost, retrieval cost, and update c...
A Content-Based Authorization Model for Digital Libraries
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By N.R. Adam, V. Atluri, E. Bertino, E. Ferrari
Issue Date:March 2002
pp. 296-315
<p>Digital Libraries (DLs) introduce several challenging requirements with respect to the formulation, specification, and enforcement of adequate data protection policies. Unlike conventional database environments, a DL environment typically is chara...
Disclosure Limitation of Sensitive Rules
Found in: Knowledge and Data Exchange, IEEE Workshop on
By M. Atallah, A. Elmagarmid, M. Ibrahim, E. Bertino, V. Verykios
Issue Date:November 1999
pp. 45
Data products (macrodata or tabular data and microdata or raw data records), are designed to inform public or business policy, and research or public information. Securing these products against unauthorized accesses has been a long-term goal of the databa...
Quality Control in Crowdsourcing Systems: Issues and Directions
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By M. Allahbakhsh,B. Benatallah,A. Ignjatovic,H. R. Motahari-Nezhad,E. Bertino,S. Dustdar
Issue Date:March 2013
pp. 76-81
As a new distributed computing model, crowdsourcing lets people leverage the crowd's intelligence and wisdom toward solving problems. This article proposes a framework for characterizing various dimensions of quality control in crowdsourcing systems, a cri...
A Fine-Grained Access Control Model for Web Services
Found in: Services Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By E. Bertino, A. C. Squicciarini, D. Mevi
Issue Date:September 2004
pp. 33-40
The emerging Web service technology has enabled the development of Internet-based applications that integrate distributed and heterogeneous systems and processes which are owned by different organizations. However, while Web services are rapidly becoming a...
Protecting XML Documents: Position Paper
Found in: Computer Software and Applications Conference, Annual International
By E. Bertino
Issue Date:October 2000
pp. 132
No summary available.
Fuzzy and Presentation Algebras for Web and Multimedia Data
Found in: Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, International
By E. Bertino, D. Montesi, A. Trombetta
Issue Date:September 2000
pp. 134
Web and multimedia data are becoming very important. A fundamental characteristic of these data is imprecision. Query languages for web and multimedia data must express imprecision in features matching, similarity queries and user preferences. In addition ...
XACML policy integration algorithms: not to be confused with XACML policy combination algorithms!
Found in: Proceedings of the eleventh ACM symposium on Access control models and technologies (SACMAT '06)
By B. Crispo, E. Bertino, P. Mazzoleni
Issue Date:June 2006
pp. 219-227
XACML is the OASIS standard language for the specification of authorization and entitlement policies. However, while XACML well addresses security requirements of a single enterprise (even if large and composed by multiple departments), it does not address...
A semantic approach to build personalized interfaces in the cultural heritage domain
Found in: Proceedings of the working conference on Advanced visual interfaces (AVI '06)
By E. Bertino, P. Mazzoleni, S. Franzoni, S. Valtolina
Issue Date:May 2006
pp. 306-309
In this paper we present a system we have built to disseminate cultural heritage distributed across multiple museums. Our system addresses the requirements of two categories of users: the end users that need to access information according to their interes...
Grid based methods for estimating spatial join selectivity
Found in: Proceedings of the 12th annual ACM international workshop on Geographic information systems (GIS '04)
By A. Belussi, A. Nucita, E. Bertino
Issue Date:November 2004
pp. 92-100
Spatial join is a fundamental operation for many spatial queries in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Therefore, the query optimizer of a GIS needs to evaluate the selectivity of spatial joins, in order to find the best execution plan for a given que...
An authorization model for geographical maps
Found in: Proceedings of the 12th annual ACM international workshop on Geographic information systems (GIS '04)
By A. Belussi, A. Nucita, B. Catania, E. Bertino, M. L. Damiani
Issue Date:November 2004
pp. 82-91
Access control is an important component of any database management system. Several access control models have been proposed for conventional databases. However, these models do not seem adequate for geographical databases, due to the peculiarities of geog...
Enhanced nested-inherited index for OODBMS
Found in: Proceedings of the fourth international conference on Information and knowledge management (CIKM '95)
By B. Shidlovsky, E. Bertino, S. Salerno
Issue Date:November 1995
pp. 58-65
This paper describes the design of and experimentation with the Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML), a new language and protocol for exchanging information and knowledge. This work is part of a larger effort, the ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort ...
Document query processing strategies: cost evaluation and heuristics
Found in: Conference Sponsored by ACM SIGOIS and IEEECS TC-OA on Office information systems
By E. Bertino, F. Rabitti, S. Gibbs
Issue Date:March 1988
pp. 169-181
This paper describes query processing strategies used in a system where queries are specified on formatted data and text components of documents. The system provides different access methods: indexes for formatted data and signature files for the text. Fou...