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A Performance Anomaly Detection and Analysis Framework for DBMS Development
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By Donghun Lee,Sang K. Cha,Arthur H. Lee
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 1345-1360
Detecting performance anomalies and finding their root causes are tedious tasks requiring much manual work. Functionality enhancements in DBMS development as in most software development often introduce performance problems in addition to bugs. To detect t...
Estimation of Camera Parameters from a Single Moving Camera using Quaternion-based Interpolation of 3D Trajectory
Found in: Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, International Conference on
By Donghun Lee, Jihun Park
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 77-80
This paper presents a new quaternion-based method to estimate the camera parameters in a single video stream to interpolate 3D trajectory of the moving camera with camera parameters. We assume that the camera looks at three fixed points while translating a...
A modeling for hole problem in wireless sensor networks
Found in: Proceedings of the 2007 international conference on Wireless communications and mobile computing (IWCMC '07)
By Donghun Lee, Euisin lee, Fucai Yu, Sang-Ha Kim, Soochang Park, Ye tian, Younghwan Choi
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 370-375
Void areas (holes) are hardly avoided in sensor networks either because of various actual geographical environments, e.g., puddles, buildings or obstacles, or uneven energy consumption. To bypass holes, most existing geographic routing protocols tend to ro...