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InterDataNet: An Infrastructural Approach to Data Interoperability to Enable Computer Supported Collaborative Applications
Found in: Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-Channel Distribution, International Conference on
By Maria Chiara Pettenati, David Parlanti, Davide Chini, Franco Pirri
Issue Date:November 2007
pp. 130-137
Distributed information interoperability is crucial for the development of computer supported collaborative applications. We recognize two main factors inhibiting extensive data interoperability: one is the lack of
LiSEP: A Lightweight and Extensible Tool for Complex Event Processing
Found in: Services Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Ivan Zappia,David Parlanti,Federica Paganelli
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 701-708
Service-oriented enterprise platforms are increasingly called to support sense-and-respond capabilities in several application domains. In this context, Complex Event Processing is considered as a promising asset, as it enables to effectively extract meani...
Message-Based Service Brokering and Dynamic Composition in the SAI Middleware
Found in: Services Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Federica Paganelli, David Parlanti, Dino Giuli
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 474-481
Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) is a wide and complex research area. Despite the huge effort in both industrial and academics initiatives, several challenges need to be addressed in order to effectively realize the SOC vision. One of the most relevant iss...
A SOA-Based Mobile Guide to Augment Tourists' Experiences with User-Generated Content and Third-Party Services
Found in: Internet and Web Applications and Services, International Conference on
By Federica Paganelli, David Parlanti, Niccolò Francini, Dino Giuli
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 435-442
Several mobile guides exist providing tourists with location-based content delivery. This paper presents a novel mobile application, named InfoTour, aiming at enriching tourists’ experiences by supporting social interactions among tourists and by enabling ...