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Construction of Online Catalog Topologies Using Decision Trees
Found in: Advanced Issues of E-Commerce and Web-Based Information Systems, International Workshop on
By David Yang, Wing-kin Sung, Siu-Ming Yiu, David Cheung, Wai-Shing Ho, Tak-Wah Lam, Sau-Dan Lee
Issue Date:June 2000
pp. 223
Organization of a web site is important to help users get the most out of the site. A good web site should help visitor's _nd the information they want easily. Visitors typically find information by searching for selected terms of interest or by following ...
Naive Bayes Classification of Uncertain Data
Found in: Data Mining, IEEE International Conference on
By Jiangtao Ren, Sau Dan Lee, Xianlu Chen, Ben Kao, Reynold Cheng, David Cheung
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 944-949
Traditional machine learning algorithms assume that data are exact or precise. However, this assumption may not hold in some situations because of data uncertainty arising from measurement errors, data staleness, and repeated measurements, etc. With uncert...
Distributed and Scalable XML Document Processing Architecture for E-Commerce Systems
Found in: Advanced Issues of E-Commerce and Web-Based Information Systems, International Workshop on
By David Cheung, S.D. Lee, Thomas Lee, William Song, C.J. Tan
Issue Date:June 2000
pp. 152
XML has become a very important emerging standard for E-commerce because of its flexibility and universality. Many software designers are actively developing new systems to handle information in XML formats. We propose a generic architecture for processing...
Using Contextual Semantics to Automate the Web Document Search and Analysis
Found in: Web Information Systems Engineering, International Conference on
By Lian Wang, William Song, David Cheung
Issue Date:June 2000
pp. 2019
Traditional Information Retrieval techniques require documents sharing enough number of words in order to build semantic links between them. This kind of techniques is greatly affected by two factors: synonymy (different words have the same meaning) and po...
A Semantic Similarity Approach to Electronic Document Modeling and Integration
Found in: Web Information Systems Engineering, International Conference on
By William W. Song, David Cheung, Cj Tan
Issue Date:June 2000
pp. 0116
The World Wide Web is an enormous collection of information resources serving for various purposes. However, the diversity of the Web information as well as the related formats makes it very difficult for users to efficiently search and obtain the informat...
A Scalable Architecture for VLSI Test
Found in: Test Conference, International
By Ed Chang, David Cheung, Robert Huston, Jim Seaton, Gary Smith
Issue Date:October 1998
pp. 500
The higher bandwidth of new embedded core components is increased by using two methods. The event frequency is increased by reducing the cycle time for I/O transactions. Where the laws of physics cause raw speed increases to be impractical, the bus width i...
Accelerating probabilistic frequent itemset mining: a model-based approach
Found in: Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management (CIKM '10)
By David Cheung, Liang Wang, Reynold Cheng, Sau Dan Lee
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 429-438
Data uncertainty is inherent in emerging applications such as location-based services, sensor monitoring systems, and data integration. To handle a large amount of imprecise information, uncertain databases have been recently developed. In this paper, we s...
Site optimal termination protocols for a distributed database under network partitioning
Found in: Proceedings of the fourth annual ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing (PODC '85)
By David Cheung, Tiko Kameda
Issue Date:August 1985
pp. 111-121
An efficient distributed algorithm to detect deadlocks in distributed and dynamically changing systems is presented. In our model, processes can request any N available resources from a pool of size M. This is a generalization of the well-known AND-OR requ...