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e6500: Freescale's Low-Power, High-Performance Multithreaded Embedded Processor
Found in: IEEE Micro
By David Burgess,Edmund Gieske,James Holt,Thomas Hoy,Gary Whisenhunt
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 26-36
Freescale's e6500 targets highly efficient scalable embedded processing. It incorporates many architectural and microarchitectural performance innovations, from advanced virtualization technologies and judicious hardware thread resource allocation to coher...
Automatic Generation of High Performance Embedded Memory Models for PowerPC Microprocessors
Found in: Microprocessor Test and Verification, International Workshop on
By Jayanta Bhadra, Magdy S. Abadir, David Burgess, Ekaterina Trofimova
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 111-118
Embedded memories form a crucial part in the design of modern high performance microprocessors. The number of transistors in memories form a majority of the transistors in a typical high performance microprocessor. Therefore, modeling embedded memories is ...
3-D interactive percussion: the virtual drum kit
Found in: Conference companion on Human factors in computing systems (CHI '94)
By David Burgess, Elizabeth Mynatt
Issue Date:April 1994
pp. 45-46
Hyperspeech is a speech-only hypermedia application that explores issues of speech user interfaces, navigation, and system architecture in a purely audio environment without a visual display. The system uses speech recognition input and synthetic speech fe...
Techniques for low cost spatial audio
Found in: Proceedings of the 5th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '92)
By David A. Burgess
Issue Date:November 1992
pp. 53-59
There are a variety of potential uses for interactive spatial sound in human-computer interfaces, but hardware costs have made most of these applications impractical. Recently, however, single-chip digital signal processors have made real-time spatial audi...