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An Insight into the Interplay between Culture, Conflict and Distance in Globally Distributed Requirements Negotiations
Found in: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
By Daniela E. Damian, Didar Zowghi
Issue Date:January 2003
pp. 19c
There is an increasing interest in research addressing issues of global software development. Specifying software requirements is a communication-intensive collaborative activity that is increasingly performed across cultural, language and time zone bounda...
The Impact of Stakeholders? Geographical Distribution on Managing Requirements in a Multi-Site Organization
Found in: Requirements Engineering, IEEE International Conference on
By Daniela E. Damian, Didar Zowghi
Issue Date:September 2002
pp. 319
<p>The increasing globalization of software industry demands an investigation of Requirements Engineering (RE) in multi-site software development organizations. Requirements engineering is a task difficult enough when done locally -- but it is even m...