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AIMD and CCN: past and novel acronyms working together in the future internet
Found in: Proceedings of the 2012 ACM workshop on Capacity sharing (CSWS '12)
By Chadi Barakat, Damien Saucez, Luigi Alfredo Grieco
Issue Date:December 2012
pp. 21-26
Content-centric networking (CCN) is a new paradigm to better handle contents in the future Internet. Under the assumption that CCN networks will deploy a similar congestion control mechanism than in today's TCP/IP (i.e., AIMD), we can build an analytical m...
Performance based traffic control with IDIPS
Found in: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2011 conference on SIGCOMM (SIGCOMM '11)
By Damien Saucez, Olivier Bonaventure
Issue Date:August 2011
pp. 436-437
Nowadays Internet is ubiquitous resulting in an increasing path diversity and content duplication. However, while content can be retrieved from many different places, the paths to those places are not equivalent. Indeed, some paths offer better bandwidth w...
Implementation and preliminary evaluation of an ISP-driven informed path selection
Found in: Proceedings of the 2007 ACM CoNEXT conference (CoNEXT '07)
By Benoit Donnet, Damien Saucez, Olivier Bonaventure
Issue Date:December 2007
pp. 89-97
During the past ten years, we have seen the emergence of a set of applications requiring more and more quality of service (QoS). For instance, IPTV needs large bandwidth and delays as lows as possible. Further, while previously a content was located in a s...