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Generalization Error Analysis for FDR Controlled Classification
Found in: Statistical Signal Processing, IEEE/SP Workshop on
By Clayton Scott, Gowtham Bellala, Rebecca Willett
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 792-796
The false discovery rate (FDR) and false nondiscovery rate (FNDR) have received considerable attention in the literature on multiple testing. These performance measures are also appropriate for classification, and in this work we develop generalization err...
A Novel Hierarchical Wavelet-Based Framework for Pattern Analysis and Synthesis
Found in: Image Analysis and Interpretation, IEEE Southwest Symposium on
By Clayton Scott, Robert Nowak
Issue Date:April 2000
pp. 242
We present a wavelet-based framework for modeling patterns in digital images. The wavelet coefficients of the underlying pattern template are modeled as independent Gaussian or Gaussian mixture random variables. Variations in pose and location of the patte...