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Analytics for similarity matching of IT cases with collaboratively-defined activity flows
Found in: Data Engineering Workshops, 22nd International Conference on
By Hamid R. Motahari Nezhad,Claudio Bartolini,Parag Joshi
Issue Date:April 2011
pp. 273-278
Handling IT support cases efficiently is very important for operational excellence of IT organizations. Many IT service centers receive thousands of cases per day, some of which are similar to previously reported cases. To improve efficiency it is importan...
Casebook: A Cloud-Based System of Engagement for Case Management
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad,Susan Spence,Claudio Bartolini,Sven Graupner,Charles Bess,Marianne Hickey,Parag Joshi,Roberto Mirizzi,Kivanc Ozonat,Maher Rahmouni
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 30-38
Casebook embraces social and collaboration technology, analytics, and intelligence to advance the state of the art in case management from systems of record to a system of engagement for knowledge workers. It addresses complex, inefficient work practices, ...
Monitoring Commitments in People-Driven Service Engagements
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC)
By Anup K. Kalia,Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad,Claudio Bartolini,Munindar P. Singh
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 160-167
People-driven service engagements involve communication over channels such as chat and email. Such engagements should be understood at the level of the commitments that the participants create and manipulate. Doing so provides a grounding for the communica...
When Social Media Meet the Enterprise
Found in: 2012 16th IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC 2012)
By Sven Graupner,Claudio Bartolini,Hamid Motahari,Daniil Mirylenka
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 201-210
Social media have become a global phenomenon affecting people in their private lives and in their personal interactions, particularly among younger people. It is thus not surprising that social media are also being explored in professional contexts such as...
A Process- and Policy-Aware Cross Enterprise Collaboration Framework for Multisourced Services
Found in: 2012 Annual SRII Global Conference (SRII)
By Hamid R. Motahari Nezhad,Claudio Bartolini,Jamie Erbes,Sven Graupner
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 488-493
The increasing demand for business agility mandates enterprises to collaborate on many frontlines to stay competitive and achieve high business performance. This has given rise to the issue of Cross Enterprise Collaboration (CEC), which refers to the colla...
Evolving Social Media into Productivity Platforms
Found in: 2012 Annual SRII Global Conference (SRII)
By Sven Graupner,Claudio Bartolini,Hamid Motahari,Jamie Erbes
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 183-190
Social media have become a global phenomenon affecting people in their private lives and in their personal interactions, particularly among younger people. It is thus not surprising that social media are also being explored in professional contexts such as...
IT Project Variables in the Balance: A Bayesian Approach to Prediction of Support Costs
Found in: Software Engineering, Brazilian Symposium on
By Bruno L. Dalmazo,Abraham L. R. de Sousa,Weverton L. Cordeiro,Juliano A. Wickboldt,Roben C. Lunardi,Ricardo L. dos Santos,Luciano P. Gaspary,Lisandro Z. Granville,Claudio Bartolini,Marianne Hickey
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 224-232
In the context of Information Technology (IT) project management, it is commonly accepted that the costs associated with support actions are strongly influenced by the effort spent during their development and test phases. Despite the importance of systema...
Outsourcing Service Manager: Supporting People Work Across Lifecycle of Outsourcing Services
Found in: Annual SRII Global Conference
By Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad, Claudio Bartolini, Sven Graupner
Issue Date:April 2011
pp. 646-652
We present Outsourcing Service Manager (OSM) as an approach and toolset that support people work across the lifecycle of outsourcing services. The OSM enables the definition of service lifecycle phases, and the creation and maintenance of relationships amo...
IT Support Conversation Manager: A Conversation-Centered Approach and Tool for Managing Best Practice IT Processes
Found in: Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference, IEEE International
By Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad, Claudio Bartolini, Sven Graupner, Sharad Singhal, Susan Spence
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 247-256
There is a push in the enterprise towards facilitating processes from best practice frameworks (such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)) to make them more repeatable, efficient and cost-effective. Best practice processes provide descriptive, high leve...
A Service-oriented Architecture for Business Intelligence
Found in: Service-Oriented Computing and Applications, IEEE International Conference on
By Liya Wu, Gilad Barash, Claudio Bartolini
Issue Date:June 2007
pp. 279-285
<p>Business intelligence is a business management term used to describe applications and technologies which are used to gather, provide access to and analyze data and information about the organization, to help make better business decisions. In othe...
E-service Composition: Supporting Dynamic Definition of Process-Oriented Negotiation Parameters
Found in: Database and Expert Systems Applications, International Workshop on
By Giacomo Piccinelli, Chris Preist, Claudio Bartolini
Issue Date:September 2001
pp. 0727
Abstract: In the rapidly changing world of business-to-business (B2B) interaction, the e-service model triggers a new way of design and implement business services. A service derives from the cooperation of a number of companies acting in different roles. ...
AutONA: A System for Automated Multiple 1-1 Negotiation
Found in: E-Commerce Technology, IEEE International Conference on
By Andrew Byde, Mike Yearworth, Kay-Yut Chen, Claudio Bartolini
Issue Date:June 2003
pp. 59
For any organisation, saving on procurement costs has an impact on profitability that is multiplied by gross margin. Although much research focus has been placed on achieving the lowest possible cost for the goods/services purchased we concern ourselves he...
AutONA: a system for automated multiple 1-1 negotiation
Found in: Proceedings of the conference on Electronic commerce (EC '03)
By Andrew Byde, Claudio Bartolini, Kay-Yut Chen, Mike Yearworth, Nir Vulkan
Issue Date:June 2003
pp. 198-199
Combinatorial auctions, where bidders can submit bids on bundles of items, are attractive when the bidders' valuations on bundles exhibit complementarity and/or substitutability. An important problem is that of eliciting the bidders' preferences so that th...
Agent-based service composition through simultaneous negotiation in forward and reverse auctions
Found in: Proceedings of the conference on Electronic commerce (EC '03)
By Andrew Byde, Chris Preist, Claudio Bartolini
Issue Date:June 2003
pp. 55-63
Service composition is the act of taking several component products or services, and bundling them together to meet the needs of a given customer. In the future, service composition will play an increasingly important role in e-commerce, and automation wil...
Semantic web support for the business-to-business e-commerce lifecycle
Found in: Proceedings of the eleventh international conference on World Wide Web (WWW '02)
By Chris Preist, Claudio Bartolini, David Trastour
Issue Date:May 2002
pp. 89-98
If an e-services approach to electronic commerce is to become widespread, standardisation of ontologies, message content and message protocols will be necessary. In this paper, we present a lifecycle of a business-to-business e-commerce interaction, and sh...
Economic dynamics of agents in multiple auctions
Found in: Proceedings of the fifth international conference on Autonomous agents (AGENTS '01)
By Andrew Byde, Chris Preist, Claudio Bartolini
Issue Date:May 2001
pp. 545-551
Over the last few years, electronic auctions have become an increasingly important aspect of e- commerce, both in the business to business and business to consumer domains. As a result of this, it is often possible to find many auctions selling similar goo...