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Detecting Illumination in Images
Found in: Computer Vision, IEEE International Conference on
By Graham Finlayson, Clement Fredembach, Mark S. Drew
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 1-8
In this paper we present a surprisingly simple yet powerful method for detecting illumination¿determining which pixels are lit by different lights¿in images. Our method is based on the chromagenic camera, which takes two pictures of each scene: one is capt...
Simple Shadow Remova
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By Clement Fredembach, Graham Finlayson
Issue Date:August 2006
pp. 832-835
Given the location of shadows, how can we obtain highquality shadow-free images? Several methods have been proposed so far, but they either introduce artifacts or can be difficult to implement. We propose here a simple method that results in virtually erro...
Eigenregions for Image Classification
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Clément Fredembach, Michael Schröder, Sabine Süsstrunk
Issue Date:December 2004
pp. 1645-1649
For certain databases and classification tasks, analyzing images based on region features instead of image features results in more accurate classifications. We introduce eigenregions, which are geometrical features that encompass area, location, and shape...
Automatic and Accurate Shadow Detection Using Near-Infrared Information
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Dominic Rufenacht,Clement Fredembach,Sabine Susstrunk
Issue Date:August 2014
pp. 1-1
We present a method to automatically detect shadows in a fast and accurate manner by taking advantage of the inherent sensitivity of digital camera sensors to the near-infrared (NIR) part of the spectrum. Dark objects, which confound many shadow detection ...
Automatic skin enhancement with visible and near-infrared image fusion
Found in: Proceedings of the international conference on Multimedia (MM '10)
By Clement Fredembach, Daniel Tamburrino, Sabine Susstrunk
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 1693-1696
Skin tones, portraits in particular, are of critical importance in photography and video, but a number of factors, such as pigmentation irregularities (e.g., moles, freckles), irritation, roughness, or wrinkles can reduce their appeal. Moreover, such "defe...