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Novelty Paper Recommendation Using Citation Authority Diffusion
Found in: Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, International Conference on
By Chun-Han Chen,Sushilata Devi Mayanglambam,Fu-Yuan Hsu,Cheng-Yu Lu,Hahn-Ming Lee,Jan-Ming Ho
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 126-131
Survey of academic literature or papers should be considered with both relevance and importance of references. Authors cite related references by considering integrity and novelty. However, the state-of-art publicly academic search engines and services can...
Using Web-Mining for Academic Measurement and Scholar Recommendation in Expert Finding System
Found in: Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on
By Chi-Jen Wu,Jen-Ming Chung,Cheng-Yu Lu,Hahn-Ming Lee,Jan-Ming Ho
Issue Date:August 2011
pp. 288-291
Scholars usually spend great deal of time on searching and reading papers of key researchers. However, to objectively determine key researcher of a topic relies on several measurements, such as publication, citation, recent academic activities. In this pap...
Mining Fuzzy Domain Ontology Based on Concept Vector from Wikipedia Category Network
Found in: Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on
By Cheng-Yu Lu,Shou-Wei Ho,Jen-Ming Chung,Fu-Yuan Hsu,Hahn-Ming Lee,Jan-Ming Ho
Issue Date:August 2011
pp. 249-252
Ontology is essential in the formalization of domain knowledge for effective human-computer interactions (i.e., expert-finding). Many researchers have proposed approaches to measure the similarity between concepts by accessing fuzzy domain ontology. Howeve...
Emotion Sensing for Internet Chatting: A Web Mining Approach for Affective Categorization of Events
Found in: Computational Science and Engineering, IEEE International Conference on
By Cheng-Yu Lu, William W. Y. Hsu, Hsing-Tsung Peng, Jen-Ming Chung, Jan-Ming Ho
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 295-301
This study proposes an emotion detection engine for real time Internet chatting applications. We adopt a Web scale text mining approach that automates the categorization of affection state of daily events. We first accumulated a huge collection of real-lif...
UDoNC: An algorithm for identifying essential proteins based on protein domains and protein-protein interaction networks
Found in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
By Wei Peng,Jianxin Wang,Yingjiao Cheng,Yu Lu,Fangxiang Wu,Yi Pan
Issue Date:July 2014
pp. 1
Prediction of essential proteins which are crucial to an organism survival is important for disease analysis and drug design, as well as the understanding of cellular life. The majority of prediction methods infer the possibility of proteins to be essentia...
The Prediction Research on the Transport & Storage of Guangdong in China with the GMDH Algorithm Method
Found in: 2010 International Conference on Intelligent System Design and Engineering Application (ISDEA 2010)
By Zhi-gao Liao, Gui-yun Xiang, Cheng-yu Lu
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 698-700
This paper uses GMDH method to establish a prediction model to forecast the output value of transport & storage of Guangdong in China, since the original samples of the output value of transport & storage are less enough to be used with the traditi...