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A Flexible Tracking PSO Algorithm for Non-Stationary Optimal Solutions
Found in: Innovative Computing ,Information and Control, International Conference on
By Yan-Chao Yin, Cheng Guo, Cheng-Feng Yin
Issue Date:June 2008
pp. 36
In this paper, a Flexible Tracking Particle Swarm Optimization (FTPSO) for non-stationary optimal solutions is presented. The improved algorithm involves accurately detecting the changes all of the search space and reliably updating obsolete particle memor...
Job Scheduling Algorithm In Cloud Environment
Found in: 2013 Fifth International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences (ICCIS)
By Hongbo Yu,Yihua Lan,Xingang Zhang,Zhidu Liu,Chao Yin,Lindong Li
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 1652-1655
This paper researches on the cloud computing technology systematically and comprehensively, and proposes a scheduling algorithm in the cloud environment based on the Berg model, which is a sociological justice distribution theory. This algorithm adapts to ...
Ellipsoidal Function Modulated ART Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition
Found in: Computer, Consumer and Control, International Symposium on
By Chao-Yin Hsiao,Chin Kun Teng,Po Shih Hsu
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 401-404
In this paper, we propose a neural network that adopts the structure of the instaroutstar pair of the ART neural networks, uses the equivalent Gaussian functions of the training pattern clusters to substitute the weight vectors of the in star blocks, and t...
A Diamond Search Algorithm of Travel Route Planning
Found in: Computer, Consumer and Control, International Symposium on
By Chao-Yin Hsiao,Zong-Long Li,Ching-Sheng Chiu
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 258-261
Many optimal algorithms for travel route planning have been successfully and widely used in the fields of dynamic system control, decision making, and manufacture processes planning. In this paper, the optimal algorithm for travel route planning with const...
Research Progress of Lattice Bases Reduction Algorithms
Found in: Computer Science and Electronics Engineering, International Conference on
By ShiXiang Zhou,Chao Yin,Hui Xu
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 550-553
As a linear structure, cryptosystems based on lattice has the incomparable advantage of lower energy consumption, so in the future they will also have a wide range of use for intelligent terminal. Compared with traditional public key cryptosystem: RSA, ECC...
Shape Context Based Video Texture Synthesis from Still Images
Found in: Computational and Information Sciences, International Conference on
By Chao Yin,Yan Gui,Zhifeng Xie,Lizhuang Ma
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 38-42
A video texture provides a continuous varying stream of images. In this paper, we introduce a new algorithm that allows the user to easily produce a visually plausible video texture from a small collection of still images. In order to approximate the origi...
Extracting reusable services from legacy object-oriented systems
Found in: Software Maintenance, IEEE International Conference on
By Liang Bao, Chao Yin, Weigang He, Jun Ge, Ping Chen
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 1-5
Migrating legacy object-oriented system functionalities to SOA environment is a important problem that frequently arises in many system maintenance and integration tasks. A service is often implemented by complex collaborations of many objects in an object...
Qualitative Spatial Representation and Reasoning in 3D Space
Found in: Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation, International Conference on
By Canlin Li, Jiajie Lu, Chao Yin, Lizhuang Ma
Issue Date:October 2009
pp. 653-657
Qualitative spatial reasoning is a very important subfield of artificial intelligence and intelligent computation. This paper focuses on qualitative spatial representation and reasoning in 3D space. We firstly describe qualitative 3D space by defining 3D s...
Simulation Research on Gap Flow of Circular Cavity Multi-pad Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing
Found in: Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, International Conference on
By Xiaodong Yu, Yanqin Zhang, Junpeng Shao, Chao Yin, Bo Wu, Zhimin Shi, Yan Ni, Shuyan Zhao, Hui Jiang, Xuemei Chang, Changqing Yang
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 41-44
A simulation research concerning the gap flow performance of multi-pad hydrostatic thrust bearing having circular cavities in the large-scale vertical CNC lathe was described. The Finite Volume Method of Fluent has been used to compute fluid three-dimensio...
Facial Age Estimation by Learning from Label Distributions
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Xin Geng, Chao Yin, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 2401-2412
One of the main difficulties in facial age estimation is that the learning algorithms cannot expect sufficient and complete training data. Fortunately, the faces at close ages look quite similar since aging is a slow and smooth process. Inspired by this ob...
A Grid Resource Management Model Based on Agent
Found in: Computer Science and Electronics Engineering, International Conference on
By Hongxia Wang,Chao Yin
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 502-505
Grid is to use internet technology to connect, assign, manage and coordinate the different resources which are geographically dispersed in different locations, including computing resource, storage resource, communication resource, software resource, infor...