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A Share Assignment Method to Maximize the Probability of Secret Sharing Reconstruction under the Internet
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By C.-Y. Lee, Y.-S. Yeh, D.-J. Chen, K.-L. Ku
Issue Date:December 1998
pp. 469
No summary available.
Intercommunicating Cells, Basis for a Distributed Logic Computer
Found in: Managing Requirements Knowledge, International Workshop on
By C. Y. Lee
Issue Date:December 1962
pp. 130
No summary available.
Effective Video Multicast Using SVC with Heterogeneous User Demands over TDMA-Based Wireless Mesh Networks
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
By Jin-Bum Hwang,C. Y. Lee
Issue Date:May 2013
pp. 984-994
We provide an effective video multicast framework over time division multiple access (TDMA)-based wireless mesh networks (WMNs). Heterogeneous user demand is considered where each multicast receiver has its own video quality demand. In video multicasting, ...
Visually and Phonologically Similar Characters in Incorrect Chinese Words: Analyses, Identification, and Applications
Found in: ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (TALIP)
By C.-L. Liu, C.-Y. Lee, K.-W. Tien, M.-H. Lai, S.-H. Wu, Y.-H. Chuang
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 1-39
Information about students’ mistakes opens a window to an understanding of their learning processes, and helps us design effective course work to help students avoid replication of the same errors. Learning from mistakes is important not just in huma...
Inferring answers to queries
Found in: Proceedings of the tenth annual conference on Computational learning theory (COLT '97)
By Andrew C. Y. Lee, William I. Gasarch
Issue Date:July 1997
pp. 275-284
We examine the relationship between the VC-dimension and the number of parameters of a smoothly parametrized function class. We show that the VC-dimension of such a function class is at least k if there exists a k-dimensional differentiable manifold in the...