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Impact of RF-based fault injection in Pierce-type crystal oscillators under EMC standard tests in microcontrollers
Found in: Latin American Test Workshop
By A. Olmos,A. V. Boas,E. R. da Silva,J. C. Silva,R. Maltione
Issue Date:March 2011
pp. 1-8
Crystal oscillators are usually implemented using Pierce's configuration due to its high stability, small amount of components, and easy adjustment. With technology development and device shrinking, modern microcontroller embedded oscillators include all n...
The human imprintome vl.O: Over 120 imprinted genes in the human genome impose a major review on previous censuses
Found in: 2012 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM)
By Samara C. Silva-Santiago,Elton JosE R. Vasconcelos,Diana M. Oliv Eira,Ana Carolina L. Pacheco,Monica F. Silva,Teresa Cristina L. Rocha,Samyra M. V. Brasil
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 1-5
A relatively small number of human genes are marked with their parental origin and undergo a process termed "genomic imprinting", which, as a field of study, has grown rapidly in the last 20 years, with a growing figure of around 100 imprinted ge...
Pixel Clustering by Using Complex Network Community Detection Technique
Found in: Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, International Conference on
By Thiago C. Silva, Liang Zhao
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 925-932
Traditional data clustering techniques present difficulty in determination of clusters of arbitrary forms. On the other hand, graph theoretic methods seek topological or- ders among input data and, consequently, can solve the above mentioned problem. In th...
A Case Study of the Development of e-Learning Systems Following a Component-based Layered Architecture
Found in: Advanced Learning Technologies, IEEE International Conference on
By Delano M. Beder, André C. Silva, Joice L. Otsuka, Celmar G. Silva, Heloísa V. Rocha
Issue Date:July 2007
pp. 21-25
The development of flexible, reusable and interoperable LMSs has increasingly attracted the attention of the e-learning community. Considering these issues, the TIDIA-Ae Project has been proposing a component-based solution for LMSs development. This artic...
Performance Analysis of Path Planning Techniques Based on Potential Fields
Found in: Latin American Robotics Symposium and Intelligent Robotics Meeting
By Marcelo O. Silva, Willian C. Silva, Roseli A.F. Romero
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 115-119
Path planning is a research sub area of robotic which aims to solve the problem of conducting a robot from a specific position to a goal position in a given environment. The environment can be static or dynamic. This problem is considered complex when more...
USPDroidsSS Robot Soccer Simulator for Very Small Size Category
Found in: Latin American Robotics Symposium and Intelligent Robotics Meeting
By Willian C. Silva, Raphael Montanari, Danilo T. Doi, Marcelo O. Silva, Roseli A.F. Romero
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 138-143
There are few simulators to test and validate the controlling strategies for a robot soccer team belonging to Very Small Size Category. In this paper, it is proposed an open source simulator for this category, named by USPDroidsSS, which provides a simulat...
Identifying Abnormal Nodes in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
Found in: Neural Networks, Brazilian Symposium on
By Bilzã Araújo, Francisco A. Rodrigues, Thiago C. Silva, Liang Zhao
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 97-102
Identifying outlier nodes is an important task in complex network mining, which can be done taking into account several criteria. For example, if we consider only the connectivity of the nodes in a scale-free network, the most outlier nodes will be the hub...
Grid warehousing of molecular dynamics protein unfolding data
Found in: Cluster Computing and the Grid, IEEE International Symposium on
By F. Stahl, D. Berrar, C. Silva, R.J. Rodrigues, R.M.M. Brito, W. Dubitzky
Issue Date:May 2005
pp. 496-503
With the increasing awareness of protein folding disorders, the explosion of genomic information, and the need for efficient ways to predict protein structure, protein folding and unfolding has become a central issue in molecular sciences research. Molecul...
Built-in Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) test and diagnosis in GALS systems
Found in: Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems
By C. Leong, P. Machado, V. Bexiga, J. P. Teixeira, I. C. Teixeira, J. C. Silva, P. Lousa, J. Varela
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 72-77
The purpose of this paper is to present a novel built-in Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) test and diagnosis methodology for Globally Asynchronous, Locally Synchronous (GALS) systems. The methodology allows design and prototype validation, low maintenance and r...
In silico analyses of 24 human imprinted genes associated to diabesin triad (diabetes, obesity and inflammation): In search for a potential diabesin risk haplotype
Found in: 2012 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshops (BIBMW)
By Ana Paula M. Bezerra,Samara C. Silva-Santiago,Diana M. Oliveira,Elton Jose R. Vasconcelos,Monica M. Silva,Ana Carolina L. Pacheco
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 956-958
"Diabesin" is a term to describe concomitant morbid conditions of diabetes, obesity, and inflammation. Here we have performed in silico analyses of 24 (twenty four) human genes, known to undergo genomie imprinting, in order to choose potential ge...
MP-Collaborator: A Mobile Collaboration Tool in Pervasive Environment
Found in: Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communication, IEEE International Conference on
By Bruno M. C. Silva, Paulo A. C. S. Neves, Mieso K. Denko, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues
Issue Date:October 2009
pp. 344-349
In modern organizations, the communication between collaborators is essential to improve productivity. There is a need for mobile collaboration tools that allow efficient collaboration among staff in organization which may be located in different geographi...
Classification of Normal, Benign and Malignant Tissues Using Co-occurrence Matrix and Bayesian Neural Network in Mammographic Images
Found in: Neural Networks, Brazilian Symposium on
By Leonardo de O. Martins, Alcione M. dos Santos, Aristofanes C. Silva, Anselmo C. Paiva
Issue Date:October 2006
pp. 24-29
This work analyzes the application of the co-occurrence matrix to the characterization of breast tissue as normal, benign or malignant in mammographic images. The method characterization is based on a process that selects, using forward selection technique...
Optimizing Network Measurements through Self-adaptive Sampling
Found in: 2012 IEEE 14th Int'l Conf. on High Performance Computing and Communication (HPCC) & 2012 IEEE 9th Int'l Conf. on Embedded Software and Systems (ICESS)
By Joao Marco C. Silva,Solange Rito Lima
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 794-801
Traffic sampling techniques are crucial and extensively used to assist network management tasks. Nevertheless, combining accurate network parameters' estimation and flexible lightweight measurements is an open challenge. In this context, this paper propose...
Selecting Examples in Manifold Reduced Feature Space for Active Learning
Found in: Machine Learning and Applications, Fourth International Conference on
By C. Silva, B. Ribeiro
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 54-59
Nowadays machine learning are faced with an overload of data, both in terms of examples and features. Although recent algorithms, like support vector machines, can handle high dimensionality, it remains valuable to find smaller and more fitted spaces to pe...
Evaluating a Transmission Power Self-Optimization Technique for WSN in EMI Environments
Found in: Digital Systems Design, Euromicro Symposium on
By F. Lavratti, A.R. Pinto, L. Bolzani, F. Vargas, C. Montez, F. Hernandez, E. Gatti, C. Silva
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 509-515
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) can be used to monitor hazardous and inaccessible areas. The WSN is composed of several nodes each provided with its separated power supply, e.g. battery. Working in hardly accessible places it is preferable to assure the ad...
Found in: Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies, International Conference on
By K. Atukorala, D. Wijekoon, M. Tharugasini, I. Perera, C. Silva
Issue Date:September 2009
pp. 64-69
Automation is the process of having a machine or machines to accomplish tasks hitherto performed wholly or partly by humans. Home automation concerns automating the domestic tasks. There are number of applications addressing home automation and monitoring ...
Visualization Corner: Robust Topology-Based Multiscale Analysis of Scientific Data
Found in: Computing in Science & Engineering
By A. Gyulassy,L.G. Nonato,P.-T. Bremer,C. Silva,V. Pascucci
Issue Date:September 2009
pp. 88-95
During multiscale analysis, hierarchical function decompositions and error-driven simplifications can't guarantee precise control of topological features. Topology-based multiscale analysis has emerged as an alternative to help researchers understand compl...
Direct Egomotion Estimation
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By C. Silva, J. Santos-Victor
Issue Date:August 1996
pp. 702
No summary available.
Using Topological Analysis to Support Event-Guided Exploration in Urban Data
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
By H. Doraiswamy,N. Ferreira,T. Damoulas,J. Freire,C. Silva
Issue Date:February 2015
pp. 1
The explosion in the volume of data about urban environments has opened up opportunities to inform both policy and administration and thereby help governments improve the lives of their citizens, increase the efficiency of public services, and reduce the e...
Computational weight of network traffic sampling techniques
Found in: 2014 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication (ISCC)
By Joao Marco C. Silva,Paulo Carvalho,Solange Rito Lima
Issue Date:June 2014
pp. 1-6
Within network measurement context, traffic sampling has been targeted as a promising solution to cope with the huge amount of traffic traversing network devices as only a subset of packets is elected for analysis. Although this brings an evident advantage...
Healthcare Intelligence: Turning Data into Knowledge
Found in: IEEE Intelligent Systems
By Hui Yang,Erhun Kundakcioglu,Jing Li,Teresa Wu,J. Ross Mitchell,Amy K. Hara,William Pavlicek,Leland S. Hu,Alvin C. Silva,Christine M. Zwart,Sait Tunc,Oguzhan Alagoz,Elizabeth Burnside,W. Art Chaovalitwongse,Georgiy Presnyakov,Yulian Cao,Sirirat Sujitnapitsatham,Daehan Won,Tara Madhyastha,Kurt E. Weaver,Paul R. Borghesani,Thomas J. Grabowski,Lianjie Shu,Man Ho Ling,Shui-Yee Wong,Kwok-Leung Tsui
Issue Date:May 2014
pp. 54-68
Exceptional opportunities exist for researchers and practitioners to invest in conducting innovative and transformative research in data mining and health informatics. This IEEE Intelligent Systems "Trends and Controversies" (T&C) departm...
Parallel multi-material decomposition of Dual-Energy CT data
Found in: 2013 IEEE 26th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS)
By Rafael Simon Maia,Christian Jacob,J. Ross Mitchell,Amy K. Hara,Alvin C. Silva,William Pavlicek
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 465-468
Dual-Energy Computed Tomography (DECT) is a new modality of CT where two images are acquired simultaneously at two energy levels, and then decomposed into two material density images. It is also possible to further decompose these images into volume fracti...
Incorporating imprecise computation into system-level design of application-specific heterogeneous multiprocessors
Found in: Proceedings of the 34th annual conference on Design automation conference (DAC '97)
By Alice C. Parker, Diogenes C. Silva, Yosef G. Tirat-Gefen
Issue Date:June 1997
pp. 58-63
A new gridless router accelerated by Content Addressable Memory (CAM) is presented. A gridless version of the line-expansion algorithm is implemented, which always finds a path if one exists. The router runs in linear time by means of the CAM-based acceler...
An approach for component testing and its empirical validation
Found in: Proceedings of the 2009 ACM symposium on Applied Computing (SAC '09)
By Eduardo S. Almeida, Fernando R. C. Silva, Silvio R. L. Meira
Issue Date:March 2009
pp. 1-5
The lack of information limits component consumers to understand candidate components sufficiently in a way they can check if a given component fulfills its goal. Thus, this paper presents an approach to support component testing aiming to reduce the lack ...