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Choosing Rendering Parameters for Effective Communication of 3D Shape
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By James C. Rodger, Roger A. Browse
Issue Date:March 2000
pp. 20-28
There are surprisingly few empirical investigations into the contributions of rendering model parameters to the effectiveness of communication in 3D computer graphic displays. We conducted a series of perceptual experiments to assess the contributions of r...
OpenDFM Bridging the Gap Between DRC and DFM
Found in: IEEE Design & Test of Computers
By J. Buurma,R. Sayah,F. Valente,C. Rodgers
Issue Date:December 2012
pp. 84-90
This paper presents the details of a standard, named OpenDFM, which describes an efficient method to ensure manufacturability of integrated circuits that are designed at advanced technology nodes of today and one that can scale to address similar issues at...
APL tools for combinatorics
Found in: Proceedings of the sixth international conference on APL (APL '74)
By Eduardo Kellerman, William C. Rodgers
Issue Date:January 1974
pp. 239-248
This paper is a tutorial devoted to describing how to use some of the tools that APL can provide in the field of combinatorics. Emphasis will be on enumerative combinatorics. The field of combinatorics has undergone tremendous change since the advent of th...