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Objective Evaluation of 3D Reconstructed Plants and Trees from 2D Images
Found in: Cyberworlds, International Conference on
By Bao-Gang Hu, Xiaopeng Zhang, Gang Yang, Marc Jaeger
Issue Date:September 2008
pp. 263-270
In this work, we propose a preliminary study on objective approaches in evaluating the synthesized 3D plants from the given image data. Two measures, in a general name of
A New Strategy of Cost-Free Learning in the Class Imbalance Problem
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By Xiaowan Zhang,Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:December 2014
pp. 2872-2885
In this work, we define cost-free learning (CFL) formally in comparison with cost-sensitive learning (CSL). The main difference between them is that a CFL approach seeks optimal classification results without requiring any cost information, even in the cla...
Cost-Free Learning for Support Vector Machines with a Reject Option
Found in: 2013 IEEE 13th International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW)
By Guibiao Xu,Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 817-824
In this work, we investigate into the abstaining classification of binary support vector machines (SVMs) based on mutual information (MI). We obtain the reject rule by maximizing the MI between the true labels and the predicted labels, which is a post-proc...
Simultaneous Clustering and Tracklet Linking for Multi-face Tracking in Videos
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)
By Baoyuan Wu,Siwei Lyu,Bao-Gang Hu,Qiang Ji
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 2856-2863
We describe a novel method that simultaneously clusters and associates short sequences of detected faces (termed as face track lets) in videos. The rationale of our method is that face track let clustering and linking are related problems that can benefit ...
Efficient and Scalable Information Geometry Metric Learning
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM)
By Wei Wang,Bao-Gang Hu,Zengfu Wang
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 1217-1222
Information Geometry Metric Learning (IGML) is shown to be an effective algorithm for distance metric learning. In this paper, we attempt to alleviate two limitations of IGML: (A) the time complexity of IGML increases rapidly for high dimensional data, (B)...
Learning in the Class Imbalance Problem When Costs are Unknown for Errors and Rejects
Found in: 2012 IEEE 12th International Conference on Data Mining Workshops
By Xiaowan Zhang,Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:December 2012
pp. 194-201
In the context of the class imbalance problem, most existing approaches require the knowledge of costs for reaching the reasonable classification results. If the costs are unknown, some approaches can not work properly. Moreover, to our best knowledge, non...
IdiotPencil: An Interactive System for Generating Pencil Drawings from 3D Polygonal Models
Found in: Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics, International Conference on
By Ning Wang,Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 367-374
This paper describes an interactive system, called
Nonnegative sparse coding for discriminative semi-supervised learning
Found in: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE Computer Society Conference on
By Ran He, Wei-Shi Zheng, Bao-Gang Hu, Xiang-Wei Kong
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 2849-2856
An informative and discriminative graph plays an important role in the graph-based semi-supervised learning methods. This paper introduces a nonnegative sparse algorithm and its approximated algorithm based on the l^0-l^1 equivalence theory to compute the ...
Discriminative Feature Selection by Nonparametric Bayes Error Minimization
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By Shuang-Hong Yang,Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 1422-1434
Feature selection is fundamental to knowledge discovery from massive amount of high-dimensional data. In an effort to establish theoretical justification for feature selection algorithms, this paper presents a theoretically optimal criterion, namely, the d...
Maximum Correntropy Criterion for Robust Face Recognition
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Ran He, Wei-Shi Zheng, Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:August 2011
pp. 1561-1576
In this paper, we present a sparse correntropy framework for computing robust sparse representations of face images for recognition. Compared with the state-of-the-art l^1norm-based sparse representation classifier (SRC), which assumes that noise also has ...
Agglomerative Mean-Shift Clustering
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By Xiao-Tong Yuan,Bao-Gang Hu,Ran He
Issue Date:February 2012
pp. 209-219
Mean-Shift (MS) is a powerful nonparametric clustering method. Although good accuracy can be achieved, its computational cost is particularly expensive even on moderate data sets. In this paper, for the purpose of algorithmic speedup, we develop an agglome...
Aeolian Sand Movement and Interacting with Vegetation: A GPU Based Simulation and Visualization Method
Found in: Plant Growth Modeling and Applications, International Symposium on
By Ning Wang, Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:November 2009
pp. 401-408
Simulation and visualization on aeolian sand movement and its interaction with vegetation are a challenging subject. In this work, we proposed a physically and procedurally based modeling and simulation method that can be used to synthesize sandy terrain w...
Pairwise Constraints-Guided Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Document Clustering
Found in: Web Intelligence, IEEE / WIC / ACM International Conference on
By Yu-Jiu Yang, Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:November 2007
pp. 250-256
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF) has been proven to be effective in text mining. However, since NMF is a well-known unsupervised components analysis technique, the existing NMF method can not deal with prior constraints, which are beneficial to clust...
Fast Hydraulic Erosion Simulation and Visualization on GPU
Found in: Computer Graphics and Applications, Pacific Conference on
By Xing Mei, Philippe Decaudin, Bao-Gang Hu
Issue Date:November 2007
pp. 47-56
<p>Natural mountains and valleys are gradually eroded by rainfall and river flows. Physically-based modeling of this complex phenomenon is a major concern in producing realistic synthesized terrains. However, despite some recent improvements, existin...
Constrained Clustering and Its Application to Face Clustering in Videos
Found in: 2013 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
By Baoyuan Wu,Yifan Zhang,Bao-Gang Hu,Qiang Ji
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 3507-3514
In this paper, we focus on face clustering in videos. Given the detected faces from real-world videos, we partition all faces into K disjoint clusters. Different from clustering on a collection of facial images, the faces from videos are organized as face ...
Robust feature extraction via information theoretic learning
Found in: Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML '09)
By Bao-Gang Hu, Xiao-Tong Yuan
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 1-8
In this paper, we present a robust feature extraction framework based on information-theoretic learning. Its formulated objective aims at simultaneously maximizing the Renyi's quadratic information potential of features and the Renyi's cross information po...