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Taxonomy-Driven Adaptation of Multi-layer Applications Using Templates
Found in: Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems, IEEE International Conference on
By Razvan Popescu, Athanasios Staikopoulos, Peng Liu, Antonio Brogi, Siobhán Clarke
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 213-222
Current adaptation approaches mainly work in isolation and cannot be easily integrated to tackle complex adaptation scenarios. The few existing cross-layer adaptation techniques are somewhat inflexible because the adaptation process is predefined and stati...
Adaptable, Organization-Aware, Service-Oriented Computing
Found in: IEEE Intelligent Systems
By Huib Aldewereld, Julian Padget, Wamberto Vasconcelos, Javier V´zquez-Salceda, Paul Sergeant, Athanasios Staikopoulos
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 26-35
Service-oriented computing is the new wave emerging from maturing Web services and the adoption of elements from Semantic Web technology. More sophistication, in response to business requirements, does of course not make it easier to use or to control. In ...
Template-Based Adaptation of Semantic Web Services with Model-Driven Engineering
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
By Athanasios Staikopoulos, Owen Cliffe, Razvan Popescu, Julian Padget, Siobhán Clarke
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 116-130
Service-oriented enterprise systems, which tend to be heterogeneous, loosely coupled, long-lived, and continuously running, have to cope with frequent changes to their requirements and the environment. In order to address such changes, applications need to...
Personalized activity based eLearning
Found in: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (i-KNOW '12)
By Athanasios Staikopoulos, Bilal Yousuf, Eddie Walsh, Ian O'Keeffe, Owen Conlan, Rachael Rafter, Vincent Wade
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 1-8
The aim of personalizing web information systems is to tailor content (media) to the user's personal preferences, goals and context, in turn increasing the reusability of that content. However, most developers are increasingly seeking to apply 'Web as a Pl...