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Using Social Media to Enhance Emergency Situation Awareness
Found in: IEEE Intelligent Systems
By Jie Yin,Andrew Lampert,Mark Cameron,Bella Robinson,Robert Power
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 52-59
The described system uses natural language processing and data mining techniques to extract situation awareness information from Twitter messages generated during various disasters and crises.
The delivery of multimedia presentations in a graphical user interface environment
Found in: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Intelligent user interfaces (IUI '06)
By Andrew Lampert, Julien Phalip, Nathalie Colineau
Issue Date:January 2006
pp. 279-281
A major issue in many domains is to present information to people that is tailored to their need, in such a way that it supports them in their tasks. In this paper, we present the Virtual Document Planner (VDP), a platform we developed for generating tailo...