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Software Tools for Safety-Critical Systems According to DO-254
Found in: Computer
By Andrew Kornecki, Brian Butka, Janusz Zalewski
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 112-115
Software and hardware components of safety-critical systems must be developed in a unified manner.
A Study of Automatic Code Generation for Safety-Critical Software: Preliminary Report
Found in: High-Assurance Systems Engineering, IEEE International Symposium on
By Lazar Crawford, Jared Erwin, Steafano Grimaldi, Soma Mitra, Andrew Kornecki, David P. Gluch
Issue Date:March 2004
pp. 287-288
<p>Modern safety-critical systems (e.g., combined pacemaker/deliberator devices, distributed patient therapy delivery systems) incorporate more functionality than similar devices of the past. The development of these complex systems challenges existi...
Teaching Device Drivers Technology in a Real-Time Systems Curriculum
Found in: Real-Time Systems Education Workshop, IEEE
By Andrew Kornecki, Hank Wojcicki, Janusz Zalewski, Natalia Kruszynska
Issue Date:November 1998
pp. 42
The paper describes activities related to development of device driver software - a topic very often left aside in most of the academic programs. With an individualized instruction, access to a well equipped laboratory, and self-motivated students we prove...
Can we measure security and how?
Found in: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Workshop on Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research (CSIIRW '11)
By Andrew Kornecki, Steve Drager, William Mckeever, Janusz Zalewski
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 1-1
Mobile phone programming can provide an authentic and engaging hook into computer science. With App Inventor, developed by Google and recently moved to MIT, programming Android apps is as easy as clicking blocks together. App Inventor has been used success...
A domain centered curriculum: an alternative approach to computing education
Found in: Proceedings of the twenty-sixth SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer science education (SIGCSE '95)
By Andrew Kornecki, Iraj Hirmanpour, Thomas B. Hilburn
Issue Date:March 1995
pp. 313-317
This paper presents a new approach to computer science education by proposing a model curriculum that presents computer science fundamentals and software engineering concepts in the context of an application domain. This domain-centered model is discussed ...