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Computing in Astronomy: Applications and Examples
Found in: Computer
By F. Alexander Bogert,Nicholas Smith,John Holdener,Eric M. De Jong,Andrew F. Hart,Luca Cinquini,Shakeh E. Khudikyan,David R. Thompson,Chris A. Mattmann,Kiri Wagstaff,Joseph Lazio,Dayton L. Jones,Alice Allen,Lior Shamir,Peter Teuben
Issue Date:September 2014
pp. 62-69
This article includes the following "mini-articles" about applications and examples of computing in astronomy: "Visualizing the Universe: Using Modern Graphics Cards to Understand the Physical World," by F. Alexander Bogert, Nicholas Sm...
Sharing Satellite Observations with the Climate-Modeling Community: Software and Architecture
Found in: IEEE Software
By Daniel J. Crichton,Chris A. Mattmann,Luca Cinquini,Amy Braverman,Duane Waliser,Michael Gunson,Andrew F. Hart,Cameron E. Goodale,Peter Lean,Jinwon Kim
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 73-81
The disparate communities of climate modeling and remote sensing are finding economic, political, and societal benefit from the direct comparisons of climate model outputs to satellite observations, using these comparisons to help tune models and to provid...
Enabling effective curation of cancer biomarker research data
Found in: Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE Symposium on
By Andrew F. Hart, Chris A. Mattmann, John J. Tran, Daniel J. Crichton, J. Steven Hughes, Heather Kincaid, Sean Kelly, Kristen Anton, Donald Johnsey, Christos Patriotis
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 1-4
The dramatic increase in data in the area of cancer research has elevated the importance of effectively managing the quality and consistency of research results from multiple providers. The U.S. National Cancer Institute's Early Detection Research Network ...
Understanding Open Source Software at NASA
Found in: IT Professional
By Chris A. Mattmann,Daniel J. Crichton,Andrew F. Hart,Sean C. Kelly,Cameron E. Goodale,Paul Ramirez,J. Steven Hughes,Robert R. Downs,Frank Lindsay
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 29-35
To provide a framework for comparing and understanding open source software at NASA, the authors describe a set of relevant dimensions and decision points that NASA and other government agencies can use in formulating an open source strategy.
A cloud-enabled regional climate model evaluation system
Found in: Proceeding of the 2nd international workshop on Software engineering for cloud computing (SECLOUD '11)
By Andrew F. Hart, Cameron E. Goodale, Chris A. Mattmann, Dan Crichton, Duane Walise, Jinwon Kim, Paul Zimdars, Peter Lean
Issue Date:May 2011
pp. 43-49
The climate research community is increasingly interested in utilizing direct, observational measurements to validate model output in an effort to tune those models to better approximate our planet's dynamic climate. The current emphasis on performing thes...