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Classifier Selection Based on the Correlation of Diversity Measures: When Fewer Is More
Found in: 2013 XXVI SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI)
By Fabio A. Faria,Jefersson A. dos Santos,Sudeep Sarkar,Anderson Rocha,Ricardo da S. Torres
Issue Date:August 2013
pp. 16-23
The ever-growing access to high-resolution images has prompted the development of region-based classification methods for remote sensing images. However, in agricultural applications, the recognition of specific regions is still a challenge as there could ...
Large-Scale Image Phylogeny: Tracing Image Ancestral Relationships
Found in: IEEE MultiMedia
By Zanoni Dias,Siome Goldenstein,Anderson Rocha
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 58-70
Similar to organisms that evolve in biology, a document can change slightly overtime, and each new version may, in turn, generate other versions. Multimedia phylogeny investigates the history and evolutionary process of digital objects and includes finding...
A Multiagent Based Road Pricing Approach for Urban Traffic Management
Found in: 2012 Third Brazilian Workshop on Social Simulation (BWSS)
By Anderson Rocha Tavares,Ana L.C. Bazzan
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 99-105
Traffic is a social system composed by different interacting entities and its optimization is not a trivial task. When drivers and infrastructure co-adapt to deal with the varying demand and infrastructure changes, respectively, centralized traffic optimiz...
Automatic Tracking of Indoor Soccer Players Using Videos from Multiple Cameras
Found in: 2012 XXV SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI)
By Erikson Morais,Siome Goldenstein,Anselmo Ferreira,Anderson Rocha
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 174-181
Indoor soccer has been of tactical and scientific interest, with applications dedicated to analyze tactical and physiological factors and also physical training. In both cases, the analysis is based on player tracking, done with human supervision. This pap...
Automatic Classifier Fusion for Produce Recognition
Found in: 2012 XXV SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI)
By Fabio Augusto Faria,Jefersson Alex dos Santos,Anderson Rocha,Ricardo da S. Torres
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 252-259
Recognizing different kinds of fruits and vegetables is a common task in supermarkets. This task, however, poses several challenges as it requires the identification of different species of a particular produce and also its variety. Usually, existing compu...
Video-Based Face Spoofing Detection through Visual Rhythm Analysis
Found in: 2012 XXV SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI)
By Allan da Silva Pinto,Helio Pedrini,William Schwartz,Anderson Rocha
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 221-228
Recent advances on biometrics, information forensics, and security have improved the accuracy of biometric systems, mainly those based on facial information. However, an ever-growing challenge is the vulnerability of such systems to impostor attacks, in wh...
Searching for People through Textual and Visual Attributes
Found in: 2012 XXV SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI)
By Junior Fabian,Ramon Pires,Anderson Rocha
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 276-282
Searching for people through their personal traits has been largely required for several areas and, consequently, has become the center of attention in the scientific community. Locating a suspect or finding missing people in a public space are some of the...
Retinal Image Quality Analysis for Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
Found in: 2012 XXV SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI)
By Ramon Pires,Herbert F. Jelinek,Jacques Wainer,Anderson Rocha
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 229-236
Sufficient image quality is a necessary prerequisite for reliable automatic detection systems in several healthcare environments. Specifically for Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) detection, poor quality fund us makes more difficult the analysis of discontinuitie...
Open Set Source Camera Attribution
Found in: 2012 XXV SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI)
By Filipe de O. Costa,Michael Eckmann,Walter J. Scheirer,Anderson Rocha
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 71-78
Similar to ballistic tests in which we match a gun to its bullets, we can identify a given digital camera that acquired an image under investigation. In this paper, we discuss a method for identifying whether or not an image was captured by a specific digi...
Video Phylogeny: Recovering near-duplicate video relationships
Found in: Information Forensics and Security, IEEE International Workshop on
By Zanoni Dias,Anderson Rocha,Siome Goldenstein
Issue Date:December 2011
pp. 1-6
To keep pace with the increasing popularity of image and video sharing services, several research groups have focused on the development of systems to identify similar copies images and videos on the internet. Although these techniques allow us to identify...
Face spoofing detection through partial least squares and low-level descriptors
Found in: Biometrics, International Joint Conference on
By William Robson Schwartz,Anderson Rocha,Helio Pedrini
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 1-8
Personal identity verification based on biometrics has received increasing attention since it allows reliable authentication through intrinsic characteristics, such as face, voice, iris, fingerprint, and gait. Particularly, face recognition techniques have...
Person-specific face representation for recognition
Found in: Biometrics, International Joint Conference on
By Giovani Chiachia,Alexandre X. Falcao,Anderson Rocha
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 1-8
Most face recognition methods rely on a common feature space to represent the faces, in which the face aspects that better distinguish among all the persons are emphasized. This strategy may be inadequate to represent more appropriate aspects of a specific...
How Far You Can Get Using Machine Learning Black-Boxes
Found in: Graphics, Patterns and Images, SIBGRAPI Conference on
By Anderson Rocha, João Paulo Papa, Luis A. A. Meira
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 193-200
Supervised Learning (SL) is a machine learning research area which aims at developing techniques able to take advantage from labeled training samples to make decisions over unseen examples. Recently, a lot of tools have been presented in order to perform m...
Automatic Produce Classification from Images Using Color, Texture and Appearance Cues
Found in: Graphics, Patterns and Images, SIBGRAPI Conference on
By Anderson Rocha, Daniel C. Hauagge, Jacques Wainer, Siome Goldenstein
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 3-10
We propose a system to solve a multi-class produce categorization problem. For that, we use statistical color, texture, and structural appearance descriptors (bag-of-features). As the best combination setup is not known for our problem, we combine several ...
The Unseen Challenge data sets
Found in: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop
By Anderson Rocha, Siome Goldenstein, Walter Scheirer, Terrance Boult
Issue Date:June 2008
pp. 1-8
Nowadays, it is paramount to study and develop robust algorithms to detect the very existence of hidden messages in digital images. In this paper, we provide two data sets for the Unseen Challenge of the First IEEE Workitorial on Vision of the Unseen (WVU)...
PR: More than Meets the Eye
Found in: Computer Vision, IEEE International Conference on
By Anderson Rocha, Siome Goldenstein
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 1-8
In this paper, we introduce a new image descriptor for broad Image Categorization, the Progressive Randomization (PR), that uses perturbations on the values of the Least Significant Bits (LSB) of images. We show that different classes of images have a dist...
Object Detection by K-Connected Seed Competition
Found in: Graphics, Patterns and Images, SIBGRAPI Conference on
By Alexandre X. Falcão, Paulo A. V. Miranda, Anderson Rocha, Felipe P. G. Bergo
Issue Date:October 2005
pp. 97-104
The notion of
How productivity and impact differ across computer science subareas
Found in: Communications of the ACM
By Anderson Rocha, Jacques Wainer, Michael Eckmann, Siome Goldenstein
Issue Date:August 2013
pp. 67-73
How to understand evaluation criteria for CS researchers.
Making colors worth more than a thousand words
Found in: Proceedings of the 2008 ACM symposium on Applied computing (SAC '08)
By Anderson Rocha, Jurandy Almeida, Ricardo Torres, Siome Goldenstein
Issue Date:March 2008
pp. 28-34
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is a challenging task. Common techniques use only low-level features. However, these solutions can lead to the so-called 'semantic gap' problem: images with high feature similarities may be different in terms of user pe...