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Estimating the Principal of an Application's Technical Debt
Found in: IEEE Software
By Bill Curtis,Jay Sappidi,Alexandra Szynkarski
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 34-42
This article characterizes technical debt across 700 business applications, comprising 357 MLOC. These applications were analyzed against more than 1,200 rules of good architectural and coding practice. The authors present a formula with adjustable paramet...
Technical debt: from source to mitigation
Found in: Proceedings of the 2013 companion publication for conference on Systems, programming, & applications: software for humanity (SPLASH '13)
By Bill Opdyke, Alexandra Szynkarski, Dennis Mancl, Ipek Ozkaya, Judith Bishop, Junilu Lacar, Pradeep Kathail, Steven Fraser
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 67-70
The term "Technical Debt" was coined over 20 years ago by Ward Cunningham in a 1992 OOPSLA experience report. Ward used "Technical debt" to describe the trade-offs be-tween delivering the most appropriate - albeit likely immature - product, in the shortest...