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ATPG-based grading of strong fault-secureness
Found in: On-Line Testing Symposium, IEEE International
By Marc Hunger, Sybille Hellebrand, Alejandro Czutro, Ilia Polian, Bernd Becker
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 269-274
Robust circuit design has become a major concern for nanoscale technologies. As a consequence, for design validation, not only the functionality of a circuit has to be considered, but also its robustness properties have to be analyzed. In this work we prop...
TIGUAN: Thread-Parallel Integrated Test Pattern Generator Utilizing Satisfiability ANalysis
Found in: VLSI Design, International Conference on
By Alejandro Czutro, Ilia Polian, Matthew Lewis, Piet Engelke, Sudhakar M. Reddy, Bernd Becker
Issue Date:January 2009
pp. 227-232
We present the automatic test pattern generator TIGUAN based on a thread-parallel SAT solver. Due to a tight integration of the SAT engine into the ATPG algorithm and a carefully chosen mix of various optimization techniques, multi-million-gate industrial ...
A Simulator of Small-Delay Faults Caused by Resistive-Open Defects
Found in: European Test Symposium, IEEE
By Alejandro Czutro, Nicolas Houarche, Piet Engelke, Ilia Polian, Mariane Comte, Michel Renovell, Bernd Becker
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 113-118
We present a simulator which determines the coverage of small-delay faults, i.e., delay faults with a size below one clock cycle, caused by resistive-open defects. These defects are likely to escape detection by stuck-at or transition fault patterns. For t...
Power Droop Testing
Found in: IEEE Design and Test of Computers
By Ilia Polian, Alejandro Czutro, Sandip Kundu, Bernd Becker
Issue Date:May 2007
pp. 276-284
Circuit activity is a function of input patterns. When circuit activity changes abruptly, it can cause a sudden drop or rise in power supply voltage. This change is known as power droop and is an instance of power supply noise. Although power droop can cau...
Evolutionary Optimization in Code-Based Test Compression
Found in: Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition
By Ilia Polian, Alejandro Czutro, Bernd Becker
Issue Date:March 2005
pp. 1124-1129
We provide a general formulation for the code-based test compression problem with fixed-length input blocks and propose a solution approach based on Evolutionary Algorithms. In contrast to existing code-based methods, we allow unspecified values in matchin...