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SAFAL: A MapReduce Spatio-temporal Analyzer for UNAVCO FTP Logs
Found in: 2013 IEEE 16th International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)
By Kathleen Hodgkinson,Abdelmounaam Rezgui
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 1083-1090
UNAVCO is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded consortium that facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy. It is responsible for the collection, archiving and distribution of data from GPS sites installed in every continent of the wo...
A Framework for Automated Service Negotiation
Found in: 2013 IEEE 6th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA)
By Khayyam Hashmi,Erfan Najmi,Zaki Malik,Abdelmounaam Rezgui
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 233-240
Web services composition enables the business to dynamically and seamlessly integrate business applications on the web. The performance of an overall composition is a function of its individual component services. Hence, both functional and nonfunctional p...
μRACER: A Reliable Adaptive Service-Driven Efficient Routing Protocol Suite for Sensor-Actuator Networks
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Mohamed Eltoweissy
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 607-622
We present Reliable Adaptive serviCe-driven Efficient Routing (μRACER), a routing protocol suite based on a novel service-oriented design for sensor-actuator networks where nodes expose their capabilities to applications as a service profile. A node's serv...
TARP: A Trust-Aware Routing Protocol for Sensor-Actuator Networks
Found in: IEEE International Conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems Conference
By Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Mohamed Eltoweissy
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 1-9
Most routing protocols for sensor-actuator networks (SANETs) are built under the assumption that nodes normally cooperate in forwarding each other¿s messages. In practice, this assumption is not realistic; SANETs are environments where nodes may or may not...
DIA: A Web Services-based Infrastructure for Semantic Integration in Geoinformatics
Found in: Web Services, IEEE International Conference on
By Zaki Malik, Abdelmounaam Rezgui, A. Krishna Sinha, Kai Lin, Athman Bouguettaya
Issue Date:July 2007
pp. 1016-1023
We present DIA, a Web services-based infrastructure for the Discovery, Integration, and Analysis of geoscience data, tools, and services. DIA provides a collaborative environment where scientists can share their resources (e.g., geochemical data, filtering...
Privacy on the Web: Facts, Challenges, and Solutions
Found in: IEEE Security and Privacy
By Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Athman Bouguettaya, Mohamed Y. Eltoweissy
Issue Date:November 2003
pp. 40-49
<p>Despite important regulatory and technical efforts aimed at tackling aspects of the problem, privacy violation incidents on the Web continue to hit the headlines. The authors outline the salient issues and proposed solutions, focusing on generic W...
Infrastructure for E-Government Web Services
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Brahim Medjahed, Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Athman Bouguettaya, Mourad Ouzzani
Issue Date:January 2003
pp. 58-65
<p>WebDG is a comprehensive infrastructure for providing customized government services over the Web while maintaining citizens' privacy.</p>
High-resolution spatial interpolation on cloud platforms
Found in: Proceedings of the 28th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC '13)
By Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Chaowei Yang, Zaki Malik
Issue Date:March 2013
pp. 377-382
The quest for better computing infrastructure for geospatial applications has been a constant endeavor for geoscientists. With the recent proliferation of cloud offerings, a range of new opportunities have become available. The challenge, however, is to ma...
Preserving privacy in web services
Found in: Proceedings of the fourth international workshop on Web information and data management (WIDM '02)
By Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Athman Bouguettaya, Brahim Medjahed, Mourad Ouzzani
Issue Date:November 2002
pp. 56-62
Web services are increasingly being adopted as a viable means to access Web-based applications. This has been enabled by the tremendous standardization effort to describe, advertise, discover, and invoke Web services. Digital government (DG) is a major app...