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Disjoint-Knowledge Analysis and Preservation in Ontology Merging Process
Found in: Software Engineering Advances, International Conference on
By Muhammad Fahad, Nejib Moalla, Abdelaziz Bouras, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Muhammad Farukh
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 422-428
Ontology mapping and merging systems play a vital role that aim at promoting automatic interoperability among different heterogeneous systems, agents, web services or groups in open environments such as Semantic Web. These systems help ontologists to resol...
An Opportunistic Multi-server Scheduling Approach for Service Guarantees through Mobile Routers
Found in: Advances in Future Internet, International Conference on
By Syed Zubair Ahmad, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Abdelaziz Bouras
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 63-68
In this paper, we have presented an opportunistic multi-server scheduling scheme that distributes traffic on multiple wireless interfaces of a mobile router to improve service guarantees for competing flows during mobility. The proposed adaptive, scalable,...
Information Models of Design Constraints for Collaborative Product Development
Found in: Geometric Modeling and Processing
By Gabriel Theodosiou, Nickolas S. Sapidis, Abdelaziz Bouras
Issue Date:July 2002
pp. 207
Complex products and systems, like an aircraft, ship, or machinery plant, involve a large number of components which are arranged under spatial constraints/relationships in design space. Current practices approximate these relationships with simplified