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Secret Hiding Mechanism Using QR Barcode
Found in: 2013 International Conference on Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based Systems (SITIS)
By Pei-Yu Lin,Yi-Hui Chen,Eric Jui-Lin Lu,Ping-Jung Chen
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 22-25
QR code is the commonly used two-dimensional (2D) barcode recently with the advantages of larger QR content and error correction capability. Based on the error correction property of QR code, we designed a secret hiding technique for QR barcode. The propos...
Biclustering binary data and its application in traditional Chinese Medicine
Found in: Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshop, IEEE International Conference on
By Xiaohua Xu,Lin Lu,Ping He,Zhoujin Pan,Lin Chen
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 848-853
The biomedical dataset is usually expressed as matrix containing only one and zero. This paper addresses searching for blocks that (mostly) contain ones in such a dataset where there may exist meaningless ones considered as noise and overlapping situation ...
An Asymmetry Printed WLAN/WiMax Dipole Antenna
Found in: Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, International Conference on
By Churng-Jou Tsai,Wei-Chih Chen,Chia-Hsun Lin,Jinn-Kwei Guo,Chun-Lin Lu
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 135-138
In this paper, we proposed an asymmetry structure of printed dipole antenna which acquires wideband impedance match delivered by a double-side and center-feed-design and an open slot in the small radiator to expand the high resonant frequency band and harv...
Analysis of the EM Field Distribution in Smart Home
Found in: Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference on
By Churng-Jou Tsai, Bo-Yuan Tsai, Jinn-Kwei Guo, Yu-Sheng Lin, Chun-Lin Lu, Chang-Fan Liu, Yeong-Her Wang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 167-170
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the EM field distribution in U-home which is a smart home of Kun Shan University. It is apparent that wireless devices in U-home become EM field emitters. This paper states the measurement and the analysis of the EM ...
Embedded Digital Signal Controller Application in 2.4-GHz RF Signal Phase Control
Found in: Innovative Computing ,Information and Control, International Conference on
By Chun-Lin Lu, Min-Chuan Lin, Hung-Chi Wang, Chun-Chi Su, Wei-Yin Zeng, Jinn-Kwei Guo
Issue Date:September 2007
pp. 264
This paper describes the application of the embedded digital signal controller (DSC), dsPIC30F2020, in 2.4-GHz RF signal phase control. We merge two technologies of the RF circuit design and the embedded system application together to achieve not only good...
A Practical (t, n) Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme Based on the RSA Cryptosystem
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By Min-Shiang Hwang, Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Iuon-Chang Lin
Issue Date:November 2003
pp. 1552-1560
<p><b>Abstract</b>—In a <tmath>(t,n)</tmath> threshold proxy signature scheme, the original signer delegates the power of signing messages to a designated proxy group of <tmath>n</tmath> members. Any <tmath>t...
Mining Generalized Association Rules for Service Recommendations for Digital Home Applications
Found in: Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, International Conference on
By Sue-Chen Hsueh, Ming-Yen Lin, Kun-Lin Lu
Issue Date:November 2007
pp. 631-634
A Speed-Improved Architecture for CMOS Programmable Divider
Found in: Innovative Computing ,Information and Control, International Conference on
By Ching-Wen Hsu, Yu-Sheng Lin, Chun-Lin Lu, Yeong-Her Wang, Kuo-Sheng Cheng
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 585-588
This paper proposes a novel dynamic logic which not only has a lower output parasitic capacitance but also has a switchable characteristic to achieve the speed improvement in the application of programmable divider. The speed of some logic circuits is disc...
Interactive Voice-Controller Applied to Home Automation
Found in: Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, International Conference on
By Jinn-Kwei Guo, Chun-Lin Lu, Ju-Yun Chang, Yi-Jing Li, Ya-Chi Huang, Fu-Jiun Lu, Ching-Wen Hsu
Issue Date:September 2009
pp. 828-831
With the rapid development of broadband networks and multimedia technologies, P2P video-on-demand service is increasingly gaining popularity over the past few years. However, little work has been done on an important design issue for P2P video-on-demand sy...
The Design of a P2P Application Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Networks
Found in: Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous, and Trustworthy Computing, International Conference on
By Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Shu-Chiu Lu, Ying-Sheng Lee
Issue Date:June 2006
pp. 316-320
One of the key operations for P2P systems is to locate the requested resources. The efficiency of the operation depends heavily on application routing. Although many P2P systems had been proposed, they are not well suited for heterogeneous networks which c...
Chip Implementation of a 1.5-GHz Gain-Control Phase Shifter
Found in: Innovative Computing ,Information and Control, International Conference on
By Hung-Chi Wang, Chi-Yuan Lu, Jyh-Ching Juang, Chun-Lin Lu
Issue Date:June 2008
pp. 239
This paper presents a 1.5-GHz RF gain-control phase-shifter fabricated in TSMC 0.18-?m CMOS process. The vector-synthesis topology is applied in this work to achieve a wide range phase-shift from 0? 360? for the processed RF signal. A gain-control buffer a...
Integration of scheduling and routing for two-echelon supply chain system
Found in: International Conference on Services Systems and Services Management
By Jen-Shiang Chen, Jin-Shan Yang, Chia-Lin Lu
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 938-943
Coordinating activities among supply, production, and delivery is an important issue for production and logistics management. In this study, a single machine scheduling model is developed that incorporated order release and delivery vehicle routing decisio...
What is the valuable service quality gap for improving customer satisfaction?
Found in: International Conference on Services Systems and Services Management
By Shu-Ping Lin, Lu-Fang Chen, Ya-Hui Chan
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 242-247
Gap analysis (GA) is one of the most popular techniques which has been widely used to help businesses make service quality improvement decisions to improve customer satisfaction. However, an assumption of linear relationship between attribute performance a...
A Web-Based Authoring System Supporting Metadata
Found in: Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE Symposium on
By Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Gwoboa Horng, Chia-Ssu Yu, Ling-ying Chou
Issue Date:June 2007
pp. 645-650
Today, networks can be seen as a large-scale knowledge base which contains a huge amount of resources. To be able to use them effectively, metadata should be associated with each sharable resource. As a result, authoring systems supporting metadata have be...
Learning Clinical Pathway Patterns by Hidden Markov Model
Found in: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
By Fu-ren Lin, Lu-shih Hsieh, Shung-mei Pan
Issue Date:January 2005
pp. 142a
This paper adopts Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) for discovering clinical pathways. An HMM is a stochastic probabilistic model for modeling sequential or time-series data and easily incorporating new instances to update the model. This study demonstrates the ...
An Enhanced EDCG Replica Allocation Method in Ad Hoc Networks
Found in: e-Technology, e-Commerce, and e-Services, IEEE International Conference on
By Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Chin-Wei Chen
Issue Date:March 2004
pp. 465-472
The maturity of wireless technology has led to an ever-increasing interest in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Many applications are expected to be developed using MANETs. However, the connectivity among mobile hosts may change due to their mobility which ...
Semi-supervised Classification with Multiple Ants Maximal Spanning Tree
Found in: 2013 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conferences on Web Intelligence (WI) and Intelligent Agent Technologies (IAT)
By Xiaohua Xu,Lin Lu,Ping He,Yue Ma,Qi Chen,Ling Chen
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 315-320
This paper presents a multiple ant colonies random walk model for semi-supervised classification task. Taking the multi-species competition mechanism into consideration, this model treats the limited labeled data as heterogeneous ant colonies according to ...
Global Optimization of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation with Monte Carlo Approach
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
By Lin Lu, Feng Sun, Hao Pan, Wenping Wang
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 1880-1890
Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation (CVT) is a widely used geometric structure in applications including mesh generation, vector quantization and image processing. Global optimization of the CVT function is important in these applications. With numerical evide...
A Universal Lightweight Authentication Scheme Based on Delegation Mechanism in Heterogeneous Networks
Found in: 2012 IEEE 9th Int'l Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence & Computing / 9th Int'l Conference on Autonomic & Trusted Computing (UIC/ATC)
By Chou-Chen Yang,Shin-Hao Lo,Eric Jui-Lin Lu
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 963-966
Due to the rapid growth of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and cellular technology, integrating WLAN access networks into mobile cellular networks has become one of many important research issues. Because each technology has its own limitations in terms...
Two-Stage Diff: An Efficient Dynamic Software Update Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
Found in: Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, IEEE/IFIP International Conference on
By Mei-Ling Chiang,Tsung-Lin Lu
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 294-299
Supporting remote dynamic update on wireless sensor networks (WSNs) allows software of sensor nodes to be dynamically updated or enhanced to adapt to changed environmental conditions or application requirements. Many researches use diff-based approaches to...
Design and Implementation of the Microcontroller Control System for Vertical-Garden Applications
Found in: Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, International Conference on
By Tzu-Ching Chia,Chun-Lin Lu
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 139-141
A microcontroller control system of PIC18F4520 for the control of soil moisture and sunlight illumination of a vertical garden is designed and implemented in this work. The sensors of the implemented control system including the Zinc-Copper battery and the...
Visibility-Based Coverage of Mobile Sensors in Non-convex Domains
Found in: International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering
By Lin Lu, Yi-King Choi, Wenping Wang
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 105-111
The area coverage problem of mobile sensor networks has attracted much attention recently, as mobile sensors find many important applications in remote and hostile environments. However, the deployment of mobile sensors in a non-convex domain is nontrivial...
Voronoi-Based Potentially Visible Set and Visibility Query Algorithms
Found in: International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering
By Lin Lu, Chenglei Yang, Weizhen Wang, Junqing Zhang
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 234-240
In this paper, we propose the concept of Voronoi-based potentially visible set, called V\text underscore PVS, to facilitate the visibility computation. Given a polygon $P$, we first compute the Voronoi diagram of $P$, i.e., $\text{VD}(P)$. Then we refine $...
Design of Interactive e-Care Dining Table for Smart Kitchen
Found in: Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference on
By Ling-Erl Cheng, Chao-Hsuing Tseng, Chun-Lin Lu
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 179-182
Many domotic applications are quickly growing up in the digital home technologies domain. Installation of these systems allows improved security and comfort of a house through the integration of new digital technologies. Although these technologies can imp...
A Touch-Dim Network for the Dimming Control of Lighting System
Found in: Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference on
By Jyh-Ching Juang, Hung-Chi Wang, Chun-Lin Lu, Wen-Ming Chen, Ching-Wen Hsu
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 183-186
DALI is a popular interface of lighting network system with an excellent dimming facility, but it is too complicated when it is applied in family house. Touch-Dim installation of DALI ballast is then developed. The installation and operation are much simpl...
A Web-based Light Electric Vehicle for Homecare Use - A Pilot Study
Found in: Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference on
By Kuo-Sheng Cheng, Deng-Chuan Cai, Tsorng-Juu Liang, Meng-Hui Hsu, Chun-Lin Lu, Ji-Jer Huang, Dong-Her Shih
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 175-178
This paper presents the research and development of a novel design and implementation of the light electric vehicle for the homecare of elderly use. The research efforts of one-year integration project is reported and discussed. Along with the developed we...
A Peer-to-Peer Home Service Infratructure Based on OSGi Event Admin
Found in: Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference on
By Chung-Fan Liu, Chun-Lin Lu
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 163-166
There are many OSGi based Home Servers have been done. But, Most of these Home Servers are designed in Client/Server model. They all have a centralized server which manages all messages and events in the system. The client and server are tightly coupled. M...
Device Synchronization for the Light Control in ZigBee Networks
Found in: Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference on
By Jinn-Kwei Guo, Churng-Jou Tsai, Chun-Lin Lu, Chung-Fan Liu
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 171-174
Based on the master-slave transmission mode, we proposed a device synchronization method for the light control in ZigBee networks. The lighting devices are distributed over the ground of the road and synchronously flashed at night to improve safety of traf...
Kernel Mechanisms for Supporting Differentiated Services and Content-Aware Request Distribution in Web Clusters Providing Multiple Services
Found in: Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, International Conference on
By Chun-Hung Wu, Mei-Ling Chiang, Tsung-Lin Lu
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 473-478
In this paper, we have designed and implemented a kernel-level Web-based QoS (WQoS) mechanism that could efficiently support differentiated services when serving multiple diverse types of Web requests in a cluster-based Web server system. Our mechanism is ...
H-Buffer: An Efficient History-Based and Overflow Sharing Transparent Fragment Storage Method
Found in: Computational Science and Engineering, IEEE International Conference on
By Chung-Ping Chung, Tung-Lin Lu, Hui-Chin Yang
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 420-425
Graphics rendering requires various huge amounts of temporary data storages, prohibiting this feature from being implemented on slim embedded devices. To overcome this difficulty, we focus our effort on storage of transparent fragments after rasterization ...
Study and Implementation of Agricultural SMS Management System
Found in: Information Technology and Computer Science, International Conference on
By Wanlin Gao, Ganghong Zhang, Xinlan Jiang, Qing Wang, Lina Yu, Lin Lu, Jieru Li
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 468-471
In this paper, an agricultural SMS (Short Message Service) management system is constructed based on a platform of GSM modem to send and receive short messages. The platform will create tables in database that store short messages and provide interface for...
Performance of Channel-Aware Scheduling Algorithms for HDR-WPAN
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Guangdi Yang, Dingyuan Tu, Rufeng Lin, Lu Rong, Yang Du
Issue Date:February 2010
pp. 257-274
In this paper, we consider the performances in terms of system throughput and response time of various channel-aware scheduling algorithms for both MPEG streams and non-MPEG flows in a high-data-rate (HDR) wireless personal area network (WPAN). The algorit...
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Reconfiguration of Distribution Network
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Lin Lu, Qi Luo, Jun-yong Liu, Chuan Long
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 453-457
To deal with distribution network reconfiguration, a hierarchical structure poly-particle swarm optimization (HSPPSO) approach using the hierarchical structure concept of control theory is presented. In the bottom layer, parallel optimization calculation i...
The Telescience Tools: Version 2.0
Found in: e-Science and Grid Computing, International Conference on
By Abel W. Lin, Lu Dai, Khim Ung, Jeff Mock, Steven T. Peltier, Mark H. Ellisman
Issue Date:December 2005
pp. 56-63
For over the last decade, researchers at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR, have been developing and implementing novel technologies to propel collaborative research. NCMIR has built flexible high through...
The Telescience Project: Application to Middleware Interaction Components
Found in: Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE Symposium on
By Abel W. Lin, Lu Dai, Khim Ung, Steven T. Peltier, Mark H. Ellisman
Issue Date:June 2005
pp. 543-548
The Telescience Project™ ( aims to provide a complete, end-to-end, single sign-on solution for biomedical image analysis and structure-function correlation. Telescience merges advanced solutions for remote instrumentation (via ...
Intelligent Mobile Agents for Efficient and Inexpensive e-Shopping
Found in: Computer Software and Applications Conference, Annual International
By Lin Lu, Yan-Qing Zhang
Issue Date:November 2003
pp. 607
To mine useful information for e-shopping users, the intelligent mobile agents is built on the Kaariboga mobile agents system. The centralized fuzzy mobile data mining algorithm for the intelligent mobile agents is designed and implemented to process distr...
A Massively Parallel Fast Multipole Algorithm in Three Dimensions
Found in: High-Performance Distributed Computing, International Symposium on
By Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Daniel I. Okunbor
Issue Date:August 1996
pp. 40
The simulation of many-body, many-particle system has a wide range of applications in areas such as biophysics, chemistry, astrophysics, etc. It is known that the force calculation contributes ninety percent of the simulation time. This is mainly due to th...
Parallel Implementation of 3D FMA using MPI
Found in: MPI Developers Conference
By Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Daniel I. Okunbor
Issue Date:July 1996
pp. 0119
The simulation of N-body system has been used extensively in biophysics and chemistry to investigate the dynamics of biomolecules and in astrophysics to study the chaotic characteristics of the galactic system. However, the long-range force calculation has...
Colon Straightening Based on a Gravity Field Model
Found in: Information Science and Engineering, International Conference on
By Lei Li, Jun Zhao, Lin Lu, Danfeng Zhang, Zhizhong Wang
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 3621-3624
In this paper we present a colon straightening method based on a gravity field model. The colon is considered as an isotropic elastic solid geometry. Nonlinear finite element method is adopted to simulate the colon deformation process under the gravity in ...
An Automatic Colon Cleansing Method for Virtual Colonoscopy
Found in: Information Science and Engineering, International Conference on
By Lin Lu, Jun Zhao, DangFeng Zhang, Lei Li
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 1129-1132
Reliable segmentation of the colon is essential for automatic detection of polyps on virtual colonoscopy (VC). Large clinical trial suggests that providing patients with oral contrast agents may reduce the false positive rate of polyp detection even withou...
Crystal Structures and Computer Screened Inhibitors of <i>Helicobacter pylori</i> Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate Synthase
Found in: Frontiers in the Convergence of Bioscience and Information Technologies
By Chih-Jung Kuo, Rey-Ting Guo, I-Lin Lu, Hong-Gi Liu, Su-Ying Wu, Tzu-Ping Ko, Andrew H.-J. Wang, Po-Huang Liang
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 305-310
Helicobacter Pylori colonizes the human gastric epithelium and causes diseases such as gastritis, peptic ulcers, and stomach cancer. Undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase (UPPs), which catalyzes consecutive condensation reactions of farnesyl pyrophosphate wi...
Content-Aware Photo Collage Using Circle Packing
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
By Zongqiao Yu, Lin Lu, Yanwen Guo, Rongfei Fan, Mingming Liu, Wenping Wang
Issue Date:February 2014
pp. 182-195
In this paper, we present a novel approach for automatically creating the photo collage that assembles the interest regions of a given group of images naturally. Previous methods on photo collage are generally built upon a well-defined optimization framewo...
Improvement of the Mass Burning Rate in a Quasi-dimensional Turbulent Combustion Model of SI Engines
Found in: 2013 Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Engineering Applications (ISDEA)
By Li Yue-Lin,Lu Dong-Xu,Ding Jing-Feng,Huang Ping-Wen,Xie Tao
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 353-356
In this paper, in view of the actual measurement of the Hall Effect gear tooth sensor (Hall Effect GTSs), a measurement system is established. Through the study, a reasonable, appropriate mathematical model is proposed, including the signal phase drift and...
Finding community structure in complex network based on latent variables
Found in: 2012 7th International ICST Conference on Communications and Networking in China (CHINACOM 2012)
By Li Lin, Lu Songnian, Li Shenghong, Xia Zhengmin
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 239-244
A number of recent studies have focused on detecting community structure in complex network. We develop an algorithm to detect communities by treating nodes as random variables and deriving samples of these variables from adjacency matrix which includes to...
Modeling of Interfacial Debonding Analysis for Reinforced Concrete Based on ADINA
Found in: Information and Computing Science, International Conference on
By Qing-Jie Zhu, Shi-Lin Lu
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 292-295
Reinforced concrete (RC) can work normally in actual engineering, which depends on well interfacial bond strength between reinforcing steel bar and concrete. Interfacial debonding is one of the main damage forms for RC and its structure. Relative sliding o...
3D-wavelet based Secure and Scalable Media Streaming in a Centralcontrolled P2P Framework
Found in: Advanced Information Networking and Applications, International Conference on
By Zhijia Chen, Hao Yin, Chuang Lin, Lu Ai
Issue Date:May 2007
pp. 708-715
To meet with the ever-increasing needs of largescale multimedia applications, a streaming media system has to be both secure and scalable. Conventional P2P technology used in streaming media could solve the problem of scalability and bandwidth bottleneck o...
Scalability of OAT
Found in: Computer Systems and Applications, ACS/IEEE International Conference on
By J. Mizher, M.H. Dunham, Lin Lu, Yongqiao Xiao
Issue Date:January 2005
pp. 48-I
Summary form only given. Mining user access patterns from clickstream data has attracted much attention from the research community. However, the scalability testing of corresponding mining algorithms has been virtually ignored. Memory requirements of thes...
An optimal algorithm for the longest common subsequence problem
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Processing, IEEE Symposium on
By Lin, Lu, Fang
Issue Date:December 1991
pp. 630-639
The longest common subsequence problem is to find a longest common subsequence of two given strings. The complexity of this problem on the decision tree model is known as mn, where m and n are the lengths of these two strings, respectively, and m<or=n. ...
Stopband Characteristics Prediction with Suspending Microstrip Line for Rectangular Spiral EBG Structure
Found in: Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, International Conference on
By Zhang Yan, Zhang Ning-ning, Shi Qing-lin, Lü Shan-wei, Zhang Jun
Issue Date:January 2011
pp. 350-353
Suspending micro strip line method is applied to predict the stop band characteristics of the rectangular spiral EBG structure. Effects of height and width of the suspending micro strip line on stop band data, including center frequency and bandwidth, are ...
The Research on E-commerce Website Success Mode
Found in: Wearable Computing Systems, Asia-Pacific Conference on
By Xu Hao, Liu Duo-lin, Lu Zhi-jie
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 299-302
Now the B2B E-business websites compete fiercely, and a website s visiting quantity becomes an important factor for improving its profit. Information, design, assurance and communication are four dimensions of e-commerce website success model. This paper p...
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