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Image Processing and Modeling for Active Needle Steering in Liver Surgery
Found in: Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, International Asia Conference on
By Bing Nan Li, Phu Binh Nguyen, S.H. Ong, Jing Qin, Liang Jing Yang, C.K. Chui
Issue Date:February 2009
pp. 306-310
Image-guided intervention and needle steering for radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of the liver is reviewed in this paper. In particular, the concept of active needle is proposed for RFA treatment. Methods and techniques of image processing and modeling are p...
Non-interactive Oblivious Transfer Protocols
Found in: Information Technology and Applications, International Forum on
By Jing Qin, Zhao Hua-wei, Wang Ming-Qiang
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 120-124
Two novel constructions of one out of n oblivious transfer protocols from bilinear maps between groups are proposed. The protocols satisfy the category of non-interactive, mean that any sender S can obliviously transfer some secret(s) to a receiver R, but ...
A Key Management Scheme between Body Sensor Networks and the Base Station
Found in: 2013 Ninth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security (CIS)
By Huawei Zhao,Minglei Shu,Jing Qin,Jiankun Hu
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 743-747
In general application scenarios, physiological signals collected by body sensor networks will be delivered to a base station in the medical center for further processing. In this process, the communication between body sensor networks and the base station...
An Energy Efficient Key Management Scheme for Body Sensor Networks
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Huawei Zhao,Jing Qin,Jiankun Hu
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 2202-2210
Body sensor networks (BSNs) are distributed systems where biosensor nodes are distributed in different positions to collect health data from the human body and deliver the information to a remote medical center. Due to medical data regulations, security of...
2D Meets 4G: G-Quadruplexes in RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
Found in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
By Ronny Lorenz,Stephan H. Bernhart, Jing Qin,Christian Honer Zu Siederdissen,Andrea Tanzer,Fabian Amman,Ivo L. Hofacker,Peter F. Stadler
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 832-844
G-quadruplexes are abundant locally stable structural elements in nucleic acids. The combinatorial theory of RNA structures and the dynamic programming algorithms for RNA secondary structure prediction are extended here to incorporate G-quadruplexes using ...
Impulse-Based Rendering Methods for Haptic Simulation of Bone-Burring
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Haptics
By Qiong Wang,Hui Chen,Wen Wu,Jing Qin,Pheng Ann Heng
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 344-355
Bone-burring is a common procedure in orthopedic, dental, and otologic surgeries. Virtual reality (VR)-based surgical simulations with both visual and haptic feedbacks provide novice surgeons with a feasible and safe way to practice their burring skill. Ho...
Hashed Random Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Large Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
Found in: 2012 IEEE 11th International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (TrustCom)
By Huawei Zhao,Jiankun Hu,Jing Qin,Vijay Varadharajan,Haishan Wan
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 706-713
Many wireless sensor networks (WSNs) consist of a large number of distributed sensor nodes that are batteries powered, vulnerable to tampering, and equipped with limited computational capabilities and memory. These characteristics render WSNs facing many s...
Learning Blood Management in Orthopedic Surgery through Gameplay
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By Jing Qin, Yim-Pan Chui, Wai-Man Pang, Kup-Sze Choi, Pheng-Ann Heng
Issue Date:March 2010
pp. 45-57
Orthopedic surgery treats the musculoskeletal system, in which bleeding is common and can be fatal. To help train future surgeons in this complex practice, researchers designed and implemented a serious game for learning orthopedic surgery. The game focuse...
DCSMS: A Mobicast-Based Dynamic Clustering Secure Mobile Multicast Scheme for Large-Scale Sensornets
Found in: Frontier of Computer Science and Technology, Japan-China Joint Workshop on
By Jin Jing, Qin Zhiguang, Xiong Hu, Wang Juan, Wu Zhigang
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 722-727
The spatiotemporal and just-in-time mobile multicast routing protocol of Wireless Sensor Network, such as Mobicast, which has the perfect usefulness in monitoring Mobile entities, Communications with higher security requirements. Most of the existing Mobic...
An Immune System Algorithm Based on Variable Detection Radius of the Negative Selection Mechanism
Found in: Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, International Conference on
By Hua Jiang, WenLing Mo, Jing Qin
Issue Date:October 2009
pp. 795-798
Negative selection mechanism in virus detection model is improved by optimizing the configuration of variable radius detector in this paper. The radius of the detector is configured automatically, and the contradiction between the number of detectors and i...
A Physically-Based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Facial Animation
Found in: Image and Graphics, International Conference on
By Weiming Wang, Xiaoqi Yan, Yongming Xie, Jing Qin, Wai-Man Pang, Pheng-Ann Heng
Issue Date:September 2009
pp. 521-526
Realistic facial animation is important in many graphics applications, like animated feature films and computer games, to enrich human computer interaction. In this paper, we propose a physically-based facial animation approach employing knowledge from the...
Accelerating Algebraic Reconstruction Using CUDA-Enabled GPU
Found in: Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, International Conference on
By Yuqiang Lu, Weiming Wang, Shifu Chen, Yongming Xie, Jing Qin, Wai-Man Pang, Pheng-Ann Heng
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 480-485
In this paper, we apply the Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) to the 3D cone-beam CT reconstruction using Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (SART). With the hardware acceleration, the computationally complex SART can run at speed com...
IBFS: A Search Algorithm Based on Index Scheme in Unstructured P2P Network
Found in: Education Technology and Computer Science, International Workshop on
By Jingdong Xu, Jing Qin, Xiao Li, Jun Wang
Issue Date:March 2009
pp. 993-997
In unstructured P2P file sharing systems, the ununiform distribution of file popularity causes damage to the usability of the system. The search for rare files has more chance to fail. Flooding algorithm with indices which are exchanged randomly based on G...
An Image Steganographic Method with Noise Visibility Function and Dynamic Programming Strategy on Partitioned Pixels
Found in: Computational Intelligence and Security Workshops, International Conference on
By Ying-hua Lu, Jun Kong, Si-hui Li, Jing Qin
Issue Date:December 2007
pp. 680-684
In this paper, we proposed a novel image steganographic method. Considering the visual quality of the stego-image, the pixels of host image are classified into three groups according to the noise visibility function values of the pixels. For each group of ...
Propagating XML Constraints to Relations
Found in: Data Engineering, International Conference on
By Susan Davidson, Wenfei Fan, Carmem Hara, Jing Qin
Issue Date:March 2003
pp. 543
We present a technique for refining the design of relational storage for XML data based on XML key propagation. Three algorithms are presented: one checks whether a given functional dependency is propagated from XML keys via a predefined view; the others c...
Turbulence Simulation by Adaptive Multi-Relaxation Lattice Boltzmann Modeling
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
By Xiaopei Liu, Wai-Man Pang, Jing Qin, Chi-Wing Fu
Issue Date:February 2014
pp. 289-302
This paper presents a novel approach to simulating turbulent flows by developing an adaptive multirelaxation scheme in the framework of lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE). Existing LBE methods in graphics simulations are usually insufficient for turbulent fl...
A Catheterization-Training Simulator Based on a Fast Multigrid Solver
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By Shun Li, Jixiang Guo, Qiong Wang, Qiang Meng, Yim-Pan Chui, Jing Qin, Pheng-Ann Heng
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 56-70
A VR-based simulator helps trainees develop skills for catheterization, a fundamental but difficult procedure in vascular interventional radiology. A deformable model simulates the complicated behavior of guide wires and catheters, using the principle of m...
Fast Rendering of Diffusion Curves with Triangles
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By Wai-Man Pang,Jing Qin,Michael Cohen,Pheng-Ann Heng,Kup-Sze Choi
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 68-78
Diffusion curves are a new kind of primitive in vector graphics, capable of representing smooth color transitions among boundaries. Their rendering requires solving Poisson's equation; much previous research relied on traditional solvers, which commonly re...
A Virtual Reality Simulator for Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy Training
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By Dong Ni, Wing Yin Chan, Jing Qin, Yim-Pan Chui, Ingrid Qu,S S M Ho, Pheng-Ann Heng
Issue Date:March 2011
pp. 36-48
A VR-based training system for practicing biopsies simulates ultrasound imagery by stitching multiple ultrasound volumes on the basis of a 3D scale-invariant feature transform algorithm. In addition, a six-degree-of-freedom force model delivers a realistic...
2D Meets 4G: G-Quadruplexes in RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
Found in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB)
By Andrea Tanzer, Christian Honer zu Siederdissen, Fabian Amman, Ivo L. Hofacker, Jing Qin, Peter F. Stadler, Ronny Lorenz, Stephan H. Bernhart
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 832-844
G-quadruplexes are abundant locally stable structural elements in nucleic acids. The combinatorial theory of RNA structures and the dynamic programming algorithms for RNA secondary structure prediction are extended here to incorporate G-quadruplexes using ...
Particle-based simulation of blood flow and vessel wall interactions in virtual surgery
Found in: Proceedings of the 2010 Symposium on Information and Communication Technology (SoICT '10)
By Binh P. Nguyen, Chee-Kong Chui, Dong Ni, Jing Qin, Wai-Man Pang
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 128-133
We propose a particle-based solution to simulate the interactions between blood flow and vessel wall for virtual surgery. By coupling two particle-based techniques, the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) and mass-spring model (MSM), we can simulate the ...