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Mike Hughes
Phone: +1 805-529-6790
Heather Buonadies
Phone: +1 973-585-7070
Cell: + 1 201-887-1703
fax: +1 973-585-7071
Central, Northwest, Far East
Eric Kincaid
Phone: +1 214-673-3742
fax+1 888-886-8599
Northeast, Midwest, EMEA
David Schissler
Phone: +1 508-394-4026
fax+1 508-534-1707

Advertising personnel

Sandy Brown
Business Development Manager
Phone: +1 714-816-2144
Fax: +1 714-821-4641
Debbie Sims
Electronic Media Associate
Phone: +1 714-816-2138
Fax: +1 714-821-4641
Marian Anderson
Senior Advertising Coordinator
Phone: +1 714-816-2139
Fax: +1 714-821-4641




"I must say what a great job you have done in driving attendance to our webinar series!  I am both grateful and extremely impressed! Thank you! Nice Job!  I'm happy to tell others of how pleased I am of your team's great work."
Duncan Harvey Seidler
Business Development Manager
Method Park Software, AG