The IEEE-Standards Association (SA) is responsible for the processes and procedures used by all standards development groups. In that capacity, the IEEE-Standards Association Standards Board (SASB) is responsible for auditing Working Group processes and proposed Project Authorization Requests (PARS) and standards for conformance with approved IEEE procedures.

The IEEE Computer Society is responsible for developing computing standards for adoption by the IEEE via IEEE SASB processes. The Society accomplishes standards development via the Computer Society Standards Activities Board (SAB) and the Standards Committees commissioned by the SAB. A major role, but not the only role, of the SAB Standards Committees is to act as Sponsors of standards development and revision efforts.  The SAB shall assure that each of its Standards Committee maintains and operates under IEEE standards operating procedures approved by the IEEE-SASB.


The Standards Activities Board (SAB) shall be chaired by the vice president for standards activities as provided in the bylaws and shall consist of the Society Representatives to other standards developing organizations (see Section 23.4) and the following members appointed annually as of 1 January by the vice president: the vice chair, secretary, chairs of standing committees; and chairs of the standards committees ("Sponsors''). Members of the SAB shall be members of the IEEE Computer Society and shall be encouraged to be members of the IEEE and the IEEE SA. The SAB may include voting members appointed by the vice president for standards activities annually to serve as External liaisons to other standards developing organizations (SDO) external to the IEEE. (See Section 23) Other organizations, internal and external to the IEEE Computer Society, may be invited to designate liaison representatives to serve as ex officio non-voting members of the SAB.  

Members of the SAB shall also maintain an active interest in and provide timely responses to clarification of issues related to standards development.  Members may vote immediately upon appointment.

The membership of the SAB may also include non-voting members appointed annually by the Vice Presidents of the other Computer Society program boards and the chair of the Emerging Products and Services Committee. Additional non-voting members shall be designated by the vice president for Standards Activities as needed to support Computer Society initiatives.


The SAB shall:
•    Recommend to the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors  policies and practices with respect to Computer Society sponsored standards,
•    Establish (or dissolve when appropriate) IEEE Computer Society Standards Committees to act as standards sponsors, approving the scope of each sponsor's charter,
•    Monitor all IEEE Computer Society standards activities to assure conformance to IEEE and Computer Society policies and procedures,
•    Where appropriate, encourage standards sponsors to pursue adoption of their work by other international standards bodies, or regional or national standards bodies, and to oversee these efforts,
•    Serve as interim standards sponsor as appropriate, until establishing a separate Standards Committee,
•    Increase the use and understanding of the value of Computer Society sponsored standards in industry and education,
•    Identify (in coordination with the Computer Society program boards) the needs of members and nonmembers for computing standards,  and determine ways that the IEEE might meet those needs, potentially including existing standards created by external bodies, and
•    Maintain and publish the IEEE Computer Society Standards Handbook as a guide for the SAB, the Computer Society Standards Committees, which sponsor standards, and Working Group chairs and members who develop standards.


10.4.1. Policies and Procedures Committee Membership

The Policies and Procedures Committee shall consist of the Chair, and two members appointed annually by the Chair of the Policies and Procedures Committee from nominations by Standards Committee Chairs. Duties

The Policies and Procedures Committee shall be the SAB interface to the SA Audit Committee and the Procedures Committee and advocate for the SAB sponsors. The committee shall maintain a current list of the status of SAB sponsor policies and procedures and IEEE SA approval status.  The committee shall maintain the IEEE Computer Society Standards Handbook.

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